The X-files

8X13 Medusa

On the Boston subway Transit Cop Philbrick, communicates via radio after spotting a possible mugger. He follows the man on to the train. Moments later the it looses power and screeches to a halt as Philbrick and the suspect struggle. Passengers at the next platform enter the train to find Philbrick with what looks like acid burns over his body. Agent Scully is called in by the Centre for Disease Control to investigate. Both she and agent Doggett discuss the situation with the local transit supervisor, Deputy Chief Karras. He is not happy that a major part of the subway system is closed, but Scully is unwilling to allow it to be re-opened until the cause of Philbrick's death is known. Lieutenant Bianco believes the would be mugger threw acid on Philbrick, however Scully is not convinced. Dogget, Bianco, Melnick who supervised tunnel construction and doctor Hellura Lyle of the CDC proceed in to the tunnels while Scully co-ordinates the investigate, keeping in touch via radio and a small camera transmitter worn by Doggett. As they explore the subway, Melnick cries out as something burns his neck, however when Dr Lyle tests a puddle of liquid, it turns out to be just sea water. Seeing movement, they realise someone else is in the tunnel, Doggett slips in to a side tunnel but is attacked and knocked down. It turns out his assailant is the mugger spotted by Philbrick, his body shows signs of acid damage. The discover of three construction workers bodies wrapped in plastic nearby with the same burns leads Scully to suspect that someone within the Transit authority is trying to cover up the problem. But what is causing it?

Notewothy Quote

Lieutenant Bianco: "Agent Doggett. This agent you work with deals with weird stuff, right?"

Doggett: "She works on something called the X-Files-- FBI cases dealing with unexplained phenomena."

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Writer: Frank Spotnitz
Director: Richard Compton

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett

Guest Cast:
Ken Jenkins Deputy Chief Karras
Vyto Ruginis Lt Bianco
Penny Johnson Hellura Lyle
Brent Sexton Steven Melnick
Judith Scott Doctor Kai Bowe
Adam Gordon Passenger/Transit Cop Philbrick
Christopher and Kevin Graves Kid
Bill Jacobson Gangbanger
Mary-Kathleen Gordon Woman

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