The X-files

8X14 This is Not Happening

Richie Szalay drives his car in pursuit of a bright light in the sky over Helena, Montana. Suddenly he stops at the sight of a UFO hovering above the trees. He yells out, "This is not happening". The UFO disappears leaving the body of a woman on the ground. Scully is called to the X-files basement office however Doggett is reluctant to tell her what is going on. They proceed to Assistant Director Skinner's office, he explains that Teresa Hoese, abducted from Oregon just before Mulder, has been found barely alive in Montana. They travel to Helena and meet with Dr Desai, who is caring for Teresa, he explains that she shows signs of being experimented on. That night Jeremiah Smith walks in to the hospital, he changes his form to that of Dr Desai and requests Teresa be transferred. Meanwhile Doggett introduces fellow agent Monica Reyes, who has been briefed on the case and has a possible lead. Teresa's injuries are similar to those found in cult abuse cases, Reyes believes that some kind of abduction group are involved, that Mulder was caught up in. Later however while driving on the highway Reyes witnesses a bright light in the sky, following it, she discovers Jeremiah Smith and another man, Absalom loading a body in to a pickup truck, they escape before she can stop them. But she finds a second body lying on the ground. It turns out to be Gary Cory, Richie's friend, also abducted from Oregon. Reyes identifies the man with Jeremiah Smith and they track him to a local farm, where they find Teresa fully healed. Scully demands to know where Mulder is, shortly afterwards he is found dead lying in a field. Part One

Notewothy Quote

Scully: "You believe in extraterrestials?"

Reyes: "Let's just say I don't not believe. As I said, I try to stay open."

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Writer: Chris Carter
Frank Spotnitz
Director: Kim Manners

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett

Guest Cast:
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner
Annabeth Gish Special Agent Monica Reyes
Roy Thinnes Jeremiah Smith
Sarah Koskoff Teresa Hoese
Judd Trichter Richie Szalay
Bernard White Doctor Strauss
Arlene Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner's Assistant
Roz Witt Night Nurse
Judson Scott Absalom
Randy Ross Nike Man
John McGonegle Uniformed Cop
Eddie Kaye Thomas Gary Cory

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