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8X12 Badlaa

In Mumbai airport, India, Hugh Potocki goes to the bathroom before boarding his flight back to the US. He does not notice a legless beggar on a cart, moments later Potocki is attacked and pulled under the stall door. The next day Scully and Doggett are called to a hotel room in Washington, where Potocki's bloody body was discovered. They notice a small bloody hand print on the edge of the bed. The autopsy reveals that Potocki died of massive abdominal tissue damage, and that something either went in or out of his rectal wall. Doggett suggests drug smuggling, but this is ruled out as a cause. Test results also indicated that Potocki was dead before his flight left from India. Scully theorises that it could be a living entity using the victims to travel by entering their bodies, but Doggett is dismissive. Soon afterwards they get a call about another victim. A young boy, Quinton found his father's body and claims to have seen a legless man in the house. Scully carries out the autopsy, however as she makes the incision in the man's body, a small hand reaches out. By the time Scully draws her weapon the abdomen is empty. They consult with Chuck Burks, who has assisted Mulder and Scully before. He theorises that it could be a Siddhi mystic, an Indian holy man with the ability to cloud reality. A theory given credence when Scully uncovers evidence about an accident at an American chemical plant just outside of Mumbai, that killed a number of children including the son of a holy man. She becomes convinced that the Siddhi mystic, who pass on their powers from father to son, is looking for revenge.

Notewothy Quote

Doggett: "Then why'd you shoot him?"

Scully: "Because it's what the boy saw. And in an instant I realized that it's what Mulder would have seen or understood. Because that's just how he came at things... without judgment and without prejudice and with an open mind that I am just not capable of. "

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Writer: John Shiban
Director: Tony Wharmby

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett

Guest Cast:
Deep Roy Beggar Man
Christopher Hutson Mr Burrard
Winston Story Bellboy
Kiran Rao Customs Agent
Jordan Blake Warkol Quinton
Andy Hubbell Quinton's Father
Ruth de Sosa Quinton's Mom
Calvin Remsberg Mr Potocki
Jane Daly Mrs Holt
Jacob Franchek Red-Headed Kid
Mimi Savage Teacher
Michael Welch Trevor
Maura Soden Trevor's Mom
Tony Adelman Trevor's Dad
Bill Dow Chuck Burks

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