The X-files

5X17 All Souls

The family priest, Father McCue approaches Agent Scully and requests her help after a young retarded girl, Dara Kernof, whom the priest baptised is found dead with her eyes burnt out. Scully interviews her father who claims that he witnessed Dara, who was confined to a wheel chair for all her life, walk out in to the street in the presence of a tall dark figure, whom he describes as the Devil. After a second girl, Paula Koklos dies in similar circumstances, Scully discovers that Dara was adopted at the age of six and that Paula was her twin sister. Mulder on joining his partner's investigation discovers that Dara and Paula were two of quadruplets. Further investigation reveals that another priest Father Gregory was in the process of trying to adopt Paula, but when he is interviewed, Father Gregory claims he was trying to protect Paula from harm, as part of the ongoing battle between good and evil for all souls. Scully performs an autopsy on Paula during which she has a vision of Emily lying on the table in Paula's place. Mulder discovers the identity of the third sister, a homeless girl, but when he tracks her down, he finds Father Gregory there ahead of him, he informs Mulder that the third sister is already dead. Mulder believes that Father Gregory is the murderer but he insists that he is just trying to protect the girl's souls from the Devil. Mulder discovers the identity of the remaining girl, Roberta Dyer and Scully asks Mulder to locate the remaining sister before it is too late.

Noteworthy Quote

Father Gregory: "Unless you accept the truth of god's teachings, that there is a struggle between good and evil for all souls, and that we are loosing that struggle. You are but fools rushing in"

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Story by: Billy Brown
Dan Angel
Writer: John Shiban
Director: Rob Bowman

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Arnie Walters Father McCue
Patti Allan Lance Kernof
Eric Keenleyside Lance Kernof
Emily Perkins Dara/Paula
Jody Racicot Father Gregory
Lorraine Landry Pathologist Vicki Belon
Glenn Morshower Aaron Starkey
Lauren Diewold Emily
Bob Wilde George Vincent Dyer
Tim O'Halloran Sergeant
Tracy Elofson Four-Faced Man

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