The X-files

5X07 Emily

After DNA test results reveal that Emily Sim is Scully's daughter, she goes to the San Diego County Children's Centre so that she can protect Emily. Mulder, asked by Scully to be a witness on her behalf at Emily's custody hearing joins her there. He tells Scully that the Lone Gunman hacked in to the California Social Services adoption records, Emily's mother is listed as Anna Fugazzi, meaning fake. He warns her the men behind the conspiracy will do anything to protect Emily even fight Scully's custody of her. At Emily's custody hearing Mulder introduces a file about Scully's abduction three years earlier. He explains that Emily was conceived through a scientific experiment using Scully's harvested eggs, proving that Scully is Emily's biological mother. Scully once more receives a mysterious phone call which is traced back to the San Diego County Children's Centre. When the two agents arrive, they discover Emily has a fibrous cyst on the back of her neck. When a doctor attempts to biopsy the cyst, it releases green fluid and he is overcome and has to hospitalised. While Scully concentrates on Emily's condition and medical test to find a cure, Mulder delves in to the conspiracy behind it. He visits the Dimsdale Retirement home and finds a number of elderly woman, including Anna Fugazzi who have been given regular hormone injections and have given birth in recent years. But in the end not even Scully's belief in science can help her as Emily slips into a coma and dies. Part Two

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "No matter how much you love this little girl. She is a miracle that was never meant to be Scully!"

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Writer: Frank Spotnitz
Vince Gilligan
John Shiban
Director: Kim Manners

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Karri Turner Tara Scully
Sheila Larken Mrs Scully
Pat Skipper Bill Scully Jr
John Pyper-Ferguson Detective Kresge
Lauren Diewold Emily Sim
Patricia Dahlquist Susan Chambliss
David Abbott Judge Maibaum
Bob Morrisey Dr Vinet
Gerard Plunkett Dr Calderon
Sheila Paterson Anna Fugazzi
Tom Braidwood Frohike
Eric Breker Dark Suited Man #1
Stephen Mendel Dark Suited Man #2
Tanya Huse Medical Technician

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