The X-files

5X18 The Pine Bluff Variant

Agents Mulder and Scully join Assistant Director Skinner and other FBI agents on a joint FBI/CIA undercover operation in Washington park, as they attempt to capture Jacob Haley, a militia group member wanted on terrorism charges. While Scully and Skinner co-ordinate events from the surveillance van, Mulder joins the other agents in apprehending Haley. Shortly thereafter Haley rendezvous with a man in the park and hands him an envelope before fleeing, closely pursued by Mulder. The man given the envelope by Haley collapses, the flesh on his hands and face eaten away. Scully leaps from the van and chases Mulder to warn him, only to discover that Haley has managed to elude Mulder and escape some how. Scully questions Mulder on how Haley managed to get away, but Mulder avoids the issue. In a counter-terrorism meeting held later, Scully reveals that the man whose flesh was eaten away was exposed to some sort of Bioweapon. And Skinner shows them a photograph of August Bremer, a rival of Haley's, there is apparently a struggle for control of the militia group going on between them. Scully, suspicious of Mulder's behaviour, begins tailing him and soon discovers a link between Mulder and Haley. Scully later learns from Skinner that Mulder has infiltrated the militia group in an attempt to discover their plans. However Scully uncovers evidence that it is part of the government's secret Bioweapons program, that someone has sent Mulder up on a suicide mission.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "I want people to know the truth."

Leamus: "Well sometimes our job is to protect those people from knowing it!"

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Writer: Frank Spotnitz
John Shiban
Director: Rob Bowman

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Daniel Von Bargen Haley
J B Bivens Field Agent
Armin Moattar Goatee Man
Sam Anderson Leamus
Michael MacRae August Bremer
Kate Braidwood Usherette
Ralph Alderman Manager
Trevor Roald Martin
Kett Turton Brit
Douglas Arthurs Skin-head Man
John B Lowe Dr Leavitt
Michael St John Smith CIA Operative

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