The X-files

1X15 Young at Heart

Mulder and Scully are asked to join the investigation in to a series of violent bank robberies by Mulder's former boss Agent Reggie Purdue. Following a jewellery store robbery a note is found at the scene that reads, 'Fox can't guard the chicken coop'. A reminder of Mulder's first case just after he graduated the FBI Academy. Working for the Violent Crimes section he helped in the capture of John Barnett who carried out a series of violent bank robberies and left notes for Mulder at the crimes scenes. During Barnett's arrest Mulder following FBI protocol hesitated and another agent died as a result. Barnett who vowed to 'get' Mulder was sentenced to life but died in prison in 1989. When a handwriting expert examines the latest note, he concludes it was written by Barnett recently. Mulder interviews Barnett's cellmate Joe Crandall, who swears that he saw Barnett alive on the night he supposedly died. When the prison doctor Dr Ridley who signed Barnett's death certificate turns out to have lost his license for using his research into the child disease Progeria, premature ageing, to conduct age-reversal experiments. Mulder speculates that Barnett may have been one of Ridley's guinea pigs and could have the perfect disguise, youth. Mulder is contacted by Deep Throat who explains that the government funded Ridley's age reversal experiments and now that Barnett has stolen his work, the government is bargaining with him to get their hands on the information in return for his immunity.

Noteworthy Quote

Agent Purdue: "You let a lot of people down here in the bureau, they had big plans for you. A lot of people are saying that Spooky Mulder has become an embarrassment, a liability!"

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Writer: Scott Kauffer
Chris Carter
Director: Michael Lange

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Richard Anthony Williams Reggie Purdue
Alan Boyce Young John Barnett
David Peterson Old John Barnett
Graham Jarvis Dr Austin
William B Davis Cigarette Smoking Man
Merrilyn Gann Prosecutor
Jerry Hardin Deep Throat
Robin Mossley Dr Joe Ridley
Gordon Tipple Joe Crandall
Courtney Arciaga Progeria Victim
Christine Estabrook Special Agent Henderson
Robin Douglas Computer Tekkie

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