The X-files

1X10 Eve

When 8 year old Teena Simmons is witness to the exsanguination of her father in Greenwich, Connecticut. Mulder believes it is the work of extraterrestrials, stepping up their activity from cattle mutilations to humans. A theory that appears to be backed by Teena's memory of 'men from the clouds'. But when it is discovered that an identical incident occurred at the same time in Marin County, California, Mulder begins to doubt alien involvement. They meet 8 year old Cindy Reardon, who witnessed her own father's exsanguination and are surprised at her uncanny resemblance to Teena. They question Ellen, Cindy's mum about whether or not Cindy is an only child. She explains that Cindy was the product of in-vitro fertilisation at a clinic in San Francisco. When it turns out that Teena's mother underwent treatment at the same clinic, Scully goes to investigate it's involvement. Mulder is contacted by Deep Throat who tells him about a 40 year old secret government run eugenics program called the 'Litchfield Experiment'. There were eight boys and eight girls called Adams and Eves, each with extra chromosomes for heightened strength and intelligence. But an unwanted side affect of heightened psychosis ultimately doomed the experiment and lead to the deaths of all but 3 of the Eves. Scully's trip to the fertility clinic indicates that one of the Eve's has carried on the 'Litchfield Experiment' and that Cindy and Teena are the product. But there is more to the girls than meets the eye.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "Do you suppose the girls have any idea of what they are?"

Mulder: "I hope not!"

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Writer: Kenneth Biller
Chris Brancato
Director: Fred Gerber

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Harriet Harris Sally Kendrick
Erika Kreivins Cindy Reardon
Sabrina Kreivins Teena Simmons
Jerry Hardin Deep Throat
George Touliatos Dr Katz
Janet Hodgkinson Waitress
Tasha Simms Ellen Reardon
Tina Gilbertson Donna Watkins
Christine Upright-Letain Ms Wells
Gordon Tipple Detective
Garry Davey Hunter
Joe Maffei Guard #1
Maria Herrera Guard #2
Robert Lewis Officer
David Kirby Ted Watkins

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