The X-files

1X14 Lazarus

Scully joins fellow Agent Jack Willis, a former lover of her's at the FBI Academy, in a stake out at the Marine Bank in Maryland following an anonymous tip off about a robbery. Willis has been on the trail of two bank robbers, Warren and Lula Dupree for over a year. During the robbery attempt Willis is shot along with one of the perpetrators Warren Dupree, they are both rushed to the ER. Dupree is DOA but Willis is worked on for 13 minutes and survives. However following the mutilation of Dupree's body to remove his wedding ring and with Agent Willis acting out of character including suddenly becoming left handed Mulder begins to suspect that a 'soul transference' has taken place, that Willis has been possessed by Dupree's spirit. Scully dismisses Mulder's concerns attributing Willis' odd behaviour to Post Traumatic Stress. Willis is concerned with arresting the other bank robber Dupree's wife Lula and asks Scully to help him, but when they manage to track her down Willis instead takes Scully hostage. Willis tries desperately to convince Lula that he is really Dupree, that Willis died in the ER and Dupree entered his body. He even knows intimate details about Lula that only her husband would know. Scully tries to get Willis to remember their love affair in an attempt to snap him back to reality, she believes that Willis has been thinking like Dupree for over a year trying to catch him and that is the reason for his current behaviour.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "Two men died in that crash room Scully, one man came back. The question is which one?"

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Writer: Alex Gansa
Howard Gordon
Director: David Nutter

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Christopher Allport Special Agent Jack Willis
Jason Schombing Warren James Dupre
Cec Verrell Lula Philips
Callum Keith Rennie Tommy
Peter Kelamis O'dell
Jay Brazeau Professor Varnes
Jackson Davies Special Agent Bruskin
Lisa Bunting Doctor #1
Russel Hamilton Officer Daniels
Brenda Crichlow Reporter
Alexander Boynton Clean Cut Man
Mark Saunders Doctor #2

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