The X-files

1X03 Conduit

Section Chief Blevins calls in Agent Scully when Mulder petitions the bureau to assign a case number to a newspaper article. In the article Darlene Morris claims her daughter Ruby was abducted by aliens during a family camping trip in Iowa. Blevins is concerned that the case is so similar to Mulder's own childhood experience of his sister's abduction that it has affected his judgement. When Scully questions Mulder on the matter, he explains that the incident took place at Lake Okobogee, a renowned UFO 'hot spot' and shows Scully an old newspaper article about a UFO sighting by a local girl scout group, one of whom was Darlene Morris. The two agents travel to Iowa to investigate, they question Darlene who sticks to her story about alien abduction, despite the local law enforcement offices claim that Ruby is probably on the back of a Harley Davidson somewhere. Only Mulder believes her story. Prompted by memories of his own sister's abduction, Mulder is drawn to Ruby's brother Kevin, who was present during the abduction but remembers nothing of the incident. Mulder believes Kevin is the key to the recovery of his sister. The NSA is also interested in Kevin, after his doodling turns out to be snippets of top secret satellite transmissions. The case opens up some old wounds in Mulder bringing back memories of his sister's abduction but also reveals his believe that she will one day be returned to him.

Noteworthy Quote

Tessa: "But they're just fragments, a few notes here, a few notes there, some lines from the Koran, a Shakespearean sonnet"

Mulder: "Almost like someone's switching channels, huh!"

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Writer: Alex Gansa
Howard Gordon
Director: Daniel Sackheim

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Carrie Snodgress Darlene Morris
Joel Palmer Kevin Morris
Charles Cioffi Section Chief Blevins
Taunya Dee Ruby Morris
Michael Cavanaugh Jack Withers
Shelly Owens Tessa
Don Thompson Holtzman
Don Gibb Kip
Akiko Morison Leza Atsumi
Anthony Harrison 4th Man
Glen Roald ME Worker
Mauricio Mercado Coroner

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