The X-files

1X04 The Jersey Devil

When a partially eaten homeless man is discovered in the New Jersey Woods, Mulder links it to an old X-files of a similar incident back in 1947 when a motorist was attacked while changing a flat tire. Police found him dead with his arm gnawed off and later shot and killed a half man, half beast creature they tracked to a cave. Mulder believes it could be the mythical Jersey Devil and begins to investigate. With Scully maintaining that the homeless man was attacked by a wild animal and returning to Washington. Mulder looks in to the case himself, he interviews a local homeless man Jack, who tells him he has seen something scavenging for food in nearby bins. Mulder stakes out the area that evening and it rewarded when the creature appears, Mulder gives chase but looses it in the woods, based on what he saw Mulder concludes the creature is a female, forced in to the city for food. But his efforts are not appreciated by the local Atlanta city law enforcement officials who would prefer to cover things up so as not to affect the local tourist industry which the city depends on. Local Park Ranger Peter Boulle is more receptive to Mulder's ideas, having worked in the woods all his life, he has seen some strange things and freely admits he never goes in to the woods without his firearm anymore. With help from Ranger Boulle and anthropologist Roger Diamond, Mulder and Scully track the creature but Atlantic city police officers kill it before they can intervene.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "Don't you have a life Scully?"

Scully: "Keep that up, Mulder, and I'll hurt you like that beast woman"

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Writer: Chris Carter
Director: Joe Napolitano

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Michael Macrae Ranger Peter Brullet
Gregory Sierra Dr Diamond
Wayne Tippit Detective Thompson
Claire Stansfield The Jersey Devil
Jill Teed Dr Schnablegger
Tamsin Kelsey Ellen
Andrew Airlie Bob
Bill Dow Dad
Hrothgar Mathews Jack
Jayme Knox Mom
Scott Swanson 1st Officer
Sean O'byrne 2nd Officer
David Lewis Young Officer
D Neil Monk Swat Team Officer

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