The X-files

1X02 Squeeze

Agent Scully is approached by a classmate from the FBI academy, Agent Tom Colton to help in his investigation into a spate of motiveless murders with an unusual MO. In each case there is no clear point of entry and each victim had their liver removed. Scully requests the participation of her partner despite Tom Colton's discomfort at the inclusion of 'Spooky' Mulder. At the crime scene, a high security building where businessman George Usher was the apparent latest victim of the killer, Mulder discovers strange finger prints on an air vent. Prints that he links to a number of old X-files cases with a similar MO, however the X-file cases took place in 1903, 1933 and 1963. In each case the killer claimed 5 victims and was never caught. Mulder and Scully attempt to solve the case, Scully using traditional methods stakes out the latest crime scene, a ploy which appears to pay off as she arrests a man, Eugene Tooms in the air vent system. But Tooms is later released when he passes a polygraph test. Mulder however using very much more unorthodox methods, manipulates Tooms' finger prints using a computer and matches them to the prints from the other crime scenes. Leading Mulder to the conclusion that Tooms is a 100 year old genetic mutant who requires human livers to sustain him during decades of hibernation. A theory that leads to a confrontation with Agent Tom Colton.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "It seems like you were acting very territorially"

Mulder: "Of course I was, in our investigations, you may not always agree with me, but at least you respect the journey"

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Writer: Glen Morgan
James Wong
Director: Harry Longstreet

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Doug Hutchison Eugene Victor Tooms
Donal Logue Special Agent Tom Colton
Henry Beckman Detective Frank Briggs
Kevin Mcnulty Fuller
Terence Kelly George Usher
Colleen Winton Lie Detector Technician
Henry Watson Johnson
Rob Morton Kennedy
Paul Joyce Mr Werner
Gary Hetherington Higgins

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