The X-files

9X04 Hellbound

At an anger management meeting for ex-cons in Novi, Virginia, Ed Kelso voices his unhappiness with the group, trying to change men who will always be what they are. After the meeting he badgers his buddy, Victor Potts, who suddenly has a vision of Kelso with his skin removed. When Potts is found skinned alive five days later, Reyes briefs Doggett and Scully on the case, explaining that Potts had a premonition of his death. Both Doggett and Scully wonder why this is an X-file, Reyes is unsure but feels she must solve the case. Back in Quantico, Scully researches all records of cases involving skinning, one that occurred in 1960 matches the manner in which Potts was killed. Scully interviews Dr Mueller, the retired coronor who performed the autopsy at the time. He explains that as the victim was never identified and no suspect arrested the case was dropped by the local sheriff, who later committed suicide. However the victim was only the first in a string of four murders. When a second member of the anger management group, Terry Pruit is found skinned alive Reyes is disturbed having seen the body in a dream. Scully informs her of the previous murders. Kelso having known both victims is taken in to custody. Reyes questions him, though he is not guilty of the crimes he too has seen visions of skinned bodies. Scully having exhumed two bodies of the 1960 victims, both ex-cons, finds the same forensic details as the current murders. And discovers that the dates the two 1960 victims died on are the birth dates of both Potts and Pruit. Reyes is convinced she is connected to the case in some way, but can she figure out how before two more victims are murdered.

Noteworthy Quote

Reyes: "Not the men ... but their souls. Their souls are murdered over and over again from one lifetime to the next. By someone who won't let them rest."

Doggett: "So how's this happening ... their souls coming back? Reincarnation?"

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Writer: David Amann
Director: Kim Manners

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
Annabeth Gish Special Agent Monica Reyes

Guest Cast:
Don Swayze Terry Pruit
James McDonnell Deputy Van Allen
Cyril O’Reilly Ed Kelso
Katy Boyer Dr Lisa Holland
George D Wallace Bertram Mueller
Kari Whitman Roxanne
David Figlioli Victor Dale Potts
Robert Beckwith FBI Cadet

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