The X-files

9X03 Dæmonicus

In Weston, West Virginia, Evelyn and Darren Mountjoy sit playing scrabble in their home when the lights suddenly go out, Darren orders his wife to the basement as he loads his gun. In the darkness he sees an intruder and fires, only to find it is his wife, her hands and mouth bound with duck tape. He begins to hear voices whispering and two men with demonic faces jump him. Next morning Doggett and Reyes examine the crime scene, the couple's bodies are sat in their chair, the gun in Evelyn's hand and on the scrabble board the word 'DAEMONICUS' which means demon possession. While Doggett assumes it is some kind of satanic ritual, Reyes feels there is more to it, especially when three snakes squirm out of the bullet holes in Evelyn's chest. Scully on assignment as an instructor at Quantico, is asked by Reyes to perform the autopsies. She determines that Darren was tricked in to shooting his wife and was then held in the chair and shot. The snakes were sown in to Evelyn's body post-mortem, seeming to prove the murders were man made as Doggett thought. Reyes and Doggett are contacted about an escaped patient from the local mental institute, Richman a former doctor who killed his patients, although he had no knowledge of satanic rituals there is a possible accomplice, one of the hospital guards is also missing. They question Josef Kobold, the patient in the next cell to Richman in hope of discovering more, however Kobold's cryptic answers lead them to believe that he knows more than he is letting on. The question is, is Kobold a master manipulator using others to do his bidding or is there something far more sinister about him.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "Sorry to disappoint you, but this is a course in forensic pathology. Hard science. An X-File is a case that has been deemed unsolvable by the Bureau, because such a case cannot be solved it may beg other explanations... a vampire, perhaps. Science, however, tells us that evil comes not from monsters, but from men. It offers us the methodology to catch these men, and only after we have exhausted these methods should we leave science behind to consider more.... extreme possibilities."

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Writer: Frank Spotnitz
Director: Frank Spotnitz

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
Annabeth Gish Special Agent Monica Reyes

Guest Cast:
James Remar Josef Kobold
Andi Chapman Dr Monique Sackheim
Sarah Benoit Evelyn Mountjoy
Tim Halligan Darren Mountjoy
James Rekart Paul Gerlach
Troy Mittleider Dr Kenneth Richman
Lou Richards Officer Custer
Robert Beckwith FBI Cadet
Melissa Spotnitz FBI Cadet
Rueben Grundy Forensic Tech
Shane Nickerson Police Photographer
Elijha Mahar Guard

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