The X-files

8X03 Redrum

When Martin Wells, a Baltimore federal prosecutor wakes up in prison he is very confused, a radio in another cell announces that the day is Friday. A guard informs Wells that he is being transferred to another prison. In the corridor he spots an old friend agent Doggett. Outside the prison the press are gathered, as he is brought out Well's father in law steps forward and shoots himů.Wells awakes again in the prison cell and is joined by Doggett and agent Scully, he is confused as to why he is in jail, Doggett informs him that he has been charged with killing his wife, Wells is shocked by the news. Later when he is taken to court to be charged, the bailiff announces that it is Thursday, the day before he was shot. The judge refuses Wells bail and orders him to be transferred to another prison the following day. Scully and Doggett join Wells in the holding cell, he tells them he is having premonitions about the future but denies killing his wife. Wells awakes once more in his cell, an attorney visits him to introduce herself as handling his case, but he knows her from his court appearance. She informs him the court appearance is tomorrow, today in Wednesday. Wells realises that he is experiencing time in reverse, living his days backwards. He confides in Doggett and Scully, Doggett is skeptical, but Scully is more interested in why it might be happening. Wells assumes that he is being given the chance to make amends for something that happened, a second chance to put things right.

Notewothy Quote

Martin Wells: "Listen. I don't know what I experienced. But what if it was a premonition? A glimpse of the future. I mean, you do hear about these kind of things?"

Scully: "Yes... You do."

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Story by: Steven Maeda
Daniel Arkin
Teleplay by: Steven Maeda
Director: Peter Markle

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett

Guest Cast:
Joe Morton Martin Wells
Danny Trejo Spider-man
Bellamy Young Janet Wilson
Guy Torry Shorty
Joanna Sanchez Trina
J Patrick McCormack Brent Tufeld
Jack Shearer Judge Kinberg
Lee Duncan Al Cawdry
Cynthia Martells District Attorney
Roger Hewlett Tall Guard
Shane Sinutko Lead Cop
James Howell Homicide Detective
Brien Blakely Reporter
Derick Alexander Baliff
Luis Rodriguez Gangbanger
Kayla Henry Hayley Wells

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