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The FBI Task force continues is investigate Mulder's disappearance, following Scully's belief that Gibson Praise will be the abducted next, he is traced to a school for the hearing impaired. But when Agent Doggett goes to Arizona, he finds Gibson in the company of agent Mulder. Drawing his weapon Doggett orders Mulder to release Gibson threatening to shoot, in an attempt to escape Mulder leaps off a cliff. When Scully arrives Doggett is unable to explain how Mulder got away. Scully tells Doggett that the Mulder he saw was really the alien bounty hunter assuming Mulder's form. When they return to the school to help evacuate the other children, in all the commotion Scully notices a girl, Thea cycling away, Scully follows her to a cave where Gibson is hiding. He tells Scully that the alien bounty hunter has come for him, he knows that they have already taken Mulder and the others, that they are systematically removing the proof of the existence of extra terrestrial life. Scully continues her search for the UFO in the Arizona desert while Assistant Director Skinner takes Gibson to hospital. However the alien bounty hunter incapacitates AD Skinner and abducts Gibson. Scully is tipped of by Gibson that the AD Skinner he is with is really the alien bounty hunter and she shots him in the base of the neck. Later Doggett visits Scully to let her know AD Skinner and Gibson are both recovering well and that Deputy Director Kersh has assigned him to the X-files.

Notewothy Quote

Scully: "We live in a darkness of our own making... blind to a habitant world all but unseen by us. A world of beings traveling through time and space imaginable to us only as flights of fancy. Who are these beings we dare to imagine but fear to accept? What dark work goes on inside their impossible machines... cloaked from us by invisible forces? If they know our secrets, why can't we know theirs?"

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Writer: Chris Carter
Director: Kim Manners

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett

Guest Cast:
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner
Brian Thompson Alien Bounty Hunter
James Pickering Jr Deputy Director Kersh
Jeff Gulka Gibson Praise
Kirk BR Woller Special Agent Gene Crane
Jonathan Palmer Principal
Marc Gomes Special Agent Danny Mosely
Christine Firkins Thea Sprecher
Sal Landi Special Agent Landau
Jo-Ann Dean Secretary
Arlene Malinowski Teacher

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