The X-files

7X03 The Sixth Extinction

Agent Scully attempts to decipher the cryptic symbols on the UFO buried on the beach in Africa's Ivory Coast aided by local biology professor and former colleague of Merkmallen, Amina Ngebe. Meanwhile in Washington Mulder's condition deteriorates, Assistant Director Skinner at Mulder's insistence goes to see former Pentagon researcher Michael Kritschgau and persuades him to visit Mulder in hospital. Kritschgau recognises Mulder's condition from a CIA study of ESP ability and explains that Mulder's brain is working harder than his body can sustain. Kritschgau tells Skinner to inject Mulder with Phenytoin, which slows down the electronic impulses in his brain allowing him to regain consciousness. In Africa Scully is wary when Dr Barnes arrives and offers his help. Scully and Amina soon discovered that the symbols on the UFO describe human genetics and contain text from every major religion. Dr Barnes believing that the UFO is the ultimate power of life itself takes Scully and Amina hostage wanting to take full credit for the discovery himself. But Scully hits him with a chair and the two escape while he is unconscious. Back in Washington Skinner injects Mulder with a greater dose of Phenytoin in order to get him out of the hospital, however Agent Fowley appears and shortly afterwards Mulder is overcome with convulsions. Scully returns to Washington and Skinner warns her that Mulder is dying, she visits him in hospital and pleads with him to hang on. Part Two

Noteworthy Quote

Scully about Mulder to AD Skinner: "He's not dying. He is more alive than he has ever been. He's more alive than his body can withstand and what's causing it may be extraterrestrial in origin."

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Writer: Chris Carter
Director: Kim Manners

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner
Mimi Rogers Special Agent Diana Fowley
John Finn Michael Kritschgau
Michael Ensign Dr Barnes
Jo Nell Kennedy Amina Ngebe
Conrad Roberts Primitive African Man
Warren Sweeney Dr Harriman
Mari Weiss ICU Nurse
Abdoulaye N'Gom Driver
Anthony Okungbowa Barnes' Driver

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