The X-files

7X02 The Goldberg Variation

When Henry Weems is thrown off the roof of a building by mobsters he won $100,000 from in a card game and survives the fall. Chicago FBI agents staking out the mobsters witness the unidentified man's miraculous escape and bring it to the attention of Mulder and Scully who decide to investigate. Mulder theorises that the man has some kind of special healing ability although Scully believes he just got lucky. A theory supported by the discovery of a cart filled with towels in the area the man landed. The discovery of an artificial eye in the cart leads them to Weems, who had made an appointment to get a new artificial eye fitted. They arrive at Weem's apartment building to question him, and go to the aid of the building superintendent, who requires assistance in turning off her water valve due to a leaky sink problem. However the valve breaks showering Mulder with water and causing the floor to give way beneath him, dropping him in to the apartment below, where Weems is in hiding. Mulder returns his artificial eye but Weems refuses to testify against the mobster Jimmy Cutrona. Scully warns Weems that Cutrona will try to kill him again. Shortly after the agents leave a hitman arrives to kill Weems but is later found hanging by his shoelaces from the ceiling fan. A background check reveals that Weems survived a plane crash in 1989 and has been 'blessed' with good luck ever since. Only it appears that when Weems has good luck someone else suffers bad luck as a direct consequence.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "Come on, Mulder, this guy just got lucky. There's no X-File here."

Mulder: "Maybe his luck is the X-File."

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Writer: Jeffrey Bell
Director: Thomas J Wright

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Willie Garson Henry Weems
Alyson Reed Maggie Lupone
Ramy Zada Jimmy Cutrona
Tony Longo Dominic
Shia La Beouf Richie Lupone
Nicholas Worth Mr Haas
Dom Magwili Mr Ng
Marshall Manesh Mr Jank
Ernie Lee Banks Maurice
Chip Fogleman Billy
Dominique DiPrima Megan McLean
Bobby Moynahan Paramedic

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