The X-files

6X20 The Unnatural

It is Saturday afternoon and Mulder is in the X-files basement office leafing through New Mexico newspaper obituaries from the 1940's looking for anomalies, much to Scully's dismay on such a beautiful afternoon. But Mulder stumbles across a newspaper picture of agent Arthur Dales with a Negro baseball player and the alien bounty hunter. Ripping the page from the book, Mulder leaves the office and goes to Dales' apartment, only to discover that Dales brother, also named Arthur has taken over the apartment. But when he shows the photo to Dales, it turns out that the photo is of him not his brother. In June 1947 Dales was a police office in Roswell, assigned to protect a Negro baseball star Josh Exley from member of the Klu Klux Klan, bent on keeping baseball white. Exley played for a Negro team called the Roswell Greys and had hit 60 home runs in the season matching Babe Ruth's record, and so was being scouted for the major leagues. Only Exley does not want to play for the major leagues, he is quite content to stay were he is and play baseball for the Roswell Greys. Only Dales claims this was because Exley was actually a grey alien who had fallen in love with the game of baseball and that was the reason he did not want to play in the major leagues. As the newspapers and reporters would dig in to his background and reveal the truth. A fear shared by Exley's fellow aliens who send the alien bounty hunter to deal with the problem in his own unique fashion.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "You're also implying that this baseball-playing alien has something to do with the famous Roswell UFO crash of July '47, aren't you?"

Arthur Dales: "You're just dying to connect the dots aren't you, son?"

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Writer: David Duchovny
Director: David Duchovny

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
M Emmet Walsh Old Arthur Dales
Jesse L Martin Josh Exley
Brian Thompson Alien Bounty Hunter
Fred Lane Young Arthur Dales
Burnell Roques Buck Johnson
Lou Beatyy Jr Black Coach
Ken Medlock White Coach
Paul Willson Ted
Lennie Loftin Coranado
Daniel Duchovny Piney (Bench Player)
Al Kapon Umpire
Chris Kohn Catcher
Jesse James Poorboy
Gabriel Clifton Black Kid
Robb Reesman Macon Cop
Julie Griffith Beautiful Woman
Doug Jones Alien
Walter T Phelan Jr Alien
Kerric MacDonald Moore

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