The X-files

6X19 Three of a Kind

The Lone Gunman travel to Las Vegas where Def-Con '99, a convention of black ops technology is being held. Unable to gain access to the convention itself, Byers takes part in a private poker game posing as a defence contractor, but he is tricked by another player using fake jargon and kicked out of the game. On his way back to the hotel room Byers thinks he catches sight of Suzanne Modeski, who the Lone Gunman first met at a convention in Baltimore back in 1989 and whom Byers has secretly longed to meet again. Scully make the journey to Las Vegas following a phone call from Mulder telling her that the Lone Gunman have found something, only the phone call was from the Lone Gunman using a computer to fake Mulder's voice. Byers sees Suzanne in a hotel room kissing the man from the poker game. The Lone Gunman hack in to the hotel computer and discover he is Grant Ellis, an employee of the Advanced Weapons Research Centre, the same place that Suzanne worked 10 years before. The Lone Gunman begin surveillance of Suzanne's room, but discover that she is already under surveillance. Byers confronts Suzanne and accuses her of being brainwashed into working for the government once more. Suzanne denies this and later explains that Grant Ellis is helping her to expose a government program at the convention, a program using a drug she developed called 'AE', which affects the victims higher brain function, making them more open to suggestion.

Noteworthy Quote

Byers: "Mulder's too high profile. He's virtually a household name to the black ops who kidnapped Susanne in Baltimore."

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Writer: Vince Gilligan
John Shiban
Director: Bryan Spicer

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Bruce Harwood Byers
Tom Braidwood Frohike
Dean Haglund Langly
Michael McKean Morris Fletcher
Signy Coleman Susanne Modeski
Jim Fyfe Jimmy the Geek
Charles Rocket Dealer/Grant Snow
John Billingsley Timmy the Geek
Jeff Bowser Redhead Geek
Jason Felipe Bald Geek
Phil Abrams Little Fritz
Brian Reddy Big Fritz
Richard Zobel Al
Kalena Coleman Bus Driver
George Sharperson Guard
Rick Garcia News Anchor

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