The X-files

5X15 Travelers

In a flash back to 1990, a sheriff while assisting a landlord in the eviction of a tenant, Edward Skur, discovers a dead body with its internal organs removed. A figure springs from the shadows and the sheriff opens fire, mortally wounding an elderly man. As he lays dying he utters the words, 'Mulder... Mulder'. Special Agent Fox Mulder of the violent crimes division visits a former FBI agent, Arthur Dales about as unsolved case from the 1950's involving Edward Skur as a suspect in a series of killings where the victims had their internal organs removed. Dales is reluctant to talk, until Mulder tells him his name is Mulder, Dales shows recognition of the name. Dales explains how back in the 1952 he and his partner arrested Skur as a suspected communist, that night he received a call from his partner saying that Skur had hung himself in jail. Later Dales went to the Skur residence to break the news to Skur's wife, however when he got there Dales saw Skur walking down the street and gave chase but after a short scuffle Skur escaped. Dales was then approached by Mulder's father Bill, who explained that Skur was not a communist, he worked for the state department. His arrest and faked death was a cover up by the government, who tricked Skur in to having an operation called xenotransplantation, the grafting of a species into a human body. As the case is re-classified as an X-file, Mulder's father tells Dales the government is trying to cover it up, but the truth must come out.

Noteworthy Quote

Arthur Dales: "Oh don't fool yourself. None of us are free to choose, I was ruined for my insubordination. You keep digging through the, the X-files and they'll bury you too!"

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Writer: John Shiban
Frank Spotnitz
Director: Bill Graham

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder

Guest Cast:
Darren Mcgavin Special Agent Arthur Dales
Mitchell Kosterman Sheriff
J Douglas Stewart Landlord
Garret Dillahunt Edward Skur
Brian Leckner Hayes Michel
Fredric Lane Young Arthur Dales
Eileen Pedde Mrs Skur
David Moreland Roy Cohn
Jane Perry Dorothy Bahnsen
Dean Aylesworth Young Bill Mulder
Eric W Gilder Old Edward Skur
Dean Barrett Cohn's Assistant
Roger Haskett Coroner
David Fredericks The Director
Cory Dagg Bartender

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