The X-files

5X14 The Red and the Black

Mulder arrives at the bridge, which is a scene of carnage, and is directed to a provisional tent where Scully is being treated by medics. Scully has no recollection of what happen on the bridge at all. Agent Spender tells Mulder that his mother Cassandra Spender is missing. Meanwhile Marita Covarrubias has been infected with the Black Oil by Dmitri, the Well Manicured Man believes Krycek has an vaccine against the Black Oil created by the Russians, he offers Krycek freedom in return for the vaccine. When a UFO crash lands at Fort Wiekamp Air Force Base, photos reveal a rebel alien who the Syndicate members recognize as a threat to their colonization plans. After test reveal that the people on the bridge all had implants similar to Scully's, Mulder puts forward the theory that the government developed and implanted the chips as part of their bio-weapons project. But Scully agrees to be hypnotized by Dr Werber and recounts the events on the bridge. How a UFO appeared overhead, then aliens started to kill people on the bridge but were then themselves attacked by a second UFO. Assistant Director Skinner listens to Scully's session tapes, Mulder again suggests it is cover for a secret military operation. But Skinner finds Scully's UFO explanation more plausible. Krycek contacts Mulder with information about the rebel alien and resistance to the alien colonization plan for earth that draws him in to a deadly confrontation with the alien bounty hunter once more. Part Two

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "What is this?"

Mulder: "It may be a answer. To a question you and I seem to have been destined to ask."

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Writer: Chris Carter
Frank Spotnitz
Director: Chris Carter

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner
William B Davis Cigarette Smoking Man
Nicholas Lea Alex Krycek
Veronica Cartwright Cassandra Spender
John Neville Well Manicured Man
George Murdock 3rd Elder
Laurie Holden Maria Covarrubias
Chris Owens Special Agent Jeffery Spender
Brian Thompson The Bounty Hunter
Don S Williams Elder
Jim Jansen Dr Heitz Werber
Alex Shostak Jr Dmitri
Chapelle Jaffe Dr Patou
John Moore 2nd Elder
Michal Suchanek Young Jeffrey Spender
Klodyne Rodney Medic
Jenn Forgie Nurse
Derek Thomas Versteeg MP
Jack Finn Young Boy
Willy Ross Quiet Willy

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