The X-files

5X02 Redux

Twenty-four hours before Scully identified Mulder's body in his apartment, Mulder receives a tip from Kritschgau that he is being watched. After discovering a pinhole in his ceiling he encounters Scott Ostelhoff spying on him from the apartment above, after a short scuffle a shot rings out. Mulder tells Scully that he killed Ostelhoff while he has trying to destroy a record of phone calls he made to the Bureau. They conclude that their own agency is behind a cover up and that they are unwitting pawns in the conspiracy. Mulder persuades Scully to help him fake his own death in an attempt to uncover the truth. After Scully goes to Mulder's apartment to identify 'his' body, she traces the number that Ostelhoff was calling to the same exchange that Assistant Director Skinner is on. Test results on the ice core sample taken from the mountain reveal a new life form. When Scully compares this new organism with her own DNA, they match, she concludes that her cancer is a result of being exposed to the organism. The Cigarette Smoking Man tells his fellow conspirators that he does not believe Agent Mulder it dead. Meanwhile Mulder uses Ostelhoff's ID card to break in to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency facility and finds a metallic vial that may contain a cure for Scully, only to have the Lone Gunman discover it is just de-ionized water. However it appears all Mulder's effort was in vain when Scully collapses while presenting evidence to an FBI inquiry panel. Part Two

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "But I've seen aliens. I've witnessed these things."

Kritschgau: "You've seen what they wanted you to see!"

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Writer: Chris Carter
Director: Kim Manners

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
William B Davis Cigarette Smoking Man
John Finn Scott Kritschgau
Steve Makaj Ostelhoff
Ken Camroux Senior Agent
Bruce Harwood Byers
Dean Haglund Langly
Tom Braidwood Frohike
Charles Cioffi Section Chief Blevins
Barry W Levy Dr Vitagliano
Don S. Williams Elder
Julie Arkos Holly

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