The X-files

5X01 Unusual Suspects

In a flash back to 1989, Agent Mulder is found acting paranoid in a blood spattered warehouse in Baltimore by Detective John Munch along with Langly, Frohike and Byers (the future members of the Lone Gunman). In an attempt to explain Byers recants the events that led up to them being found in the warehouse. He met a woman called Holly at a computer convention who claimed that her daughter had been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend, she then gave him an Internet address to locate her daughter. Byers hacked in to a government computer but the relevant file was encrypted, however Frohike on the next booth agreed to help decrypt the file. Holly then identified Mulder as her ex-boyfriend so Byers and Frohike approached Mulder only to discover he was an FBI agent. With the help of Langly who was also exhibiting at the convention, they hacked in to the FBI computer for information on Mulder, but instead discovered that Holly's real name is Suzanne Modeski and that she was wanted for bombing an FBI lab. Suzanne admitted her story was fabricated, in fact she was trying to prevent the government from testing paranoia-inducing gas, that she helped develop, on an unsuspecting public. Mulder while attempting to arrest Suzanne Modeski had a shoot out with some government officials, which left him in a psychotic state caused by exposure to the paranoia-inducing gas and allowed Suzanne to escaped. Detective Munch is skeptical until Mulder verifies the story is true.

Noteworthy Quote

Suzanne Modeski to the future Lone Gunman: "No matter how paranoid you are, you're not paranoid enough. Tell the truth, reach as many people as you can with it, that's your weapon!"

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Writer: Vince Gilligan
Director: Kim Manners

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner
Richard Belzer Detective Munch
Bruce Harwood Byers
Dean Haglund Langly
Tom Braidwood Frohike
Eric Knight The Hacker Dude
Signy Coleman Susanne Modeski
Ken Hawryliw Ken Hawryliw
Steven Williams X
Chris Nelson Norris Swat Lieutenant
Stuart O'connell 1st Swat Cop
Glenn Williams Officer

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