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FBI Agents Mulder and Scully hit the big screen in the summer of 1998 in the first X-files movie, Fight the Future. That's right the X-files made the transition to the cinema and what an amazing piece of work. If you have not seen it yet, you are missing out on a great film.

Twentieth Century Fox Films and Ten Thirteen Productions under Chris Carter's guidance produced a masterpiece with the first X-files movie Fight the Future.
With a great plot and top notch direction added to the normal high standards of acting and production we have come to expect from the X-files team. The X-files masters the transition from the small screen to the big screen with ease. A real treat for X-files fans and movies goers alike. Fight the Future reached Number 1 at the UK Box Office taking £9 million. (It took US$187 million worldwide)
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Fight the Future

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Fight the Future

Corn Field The X-files movie Fight the Future continues from the time frame of the cliffhanger final episode of the 5th series. With the X-files out of action after the fire in the basement office.
The movie opens back in pre-historic Texas, with two cave men hunting down an alien being in an ice cavern.

In the present, a young boy Stevie falls through the ground while playing with his friends and lands in the same cavern. As his friends peer down from above, Stevie is attacked by the black cancer, which also infects two firemen who attempt to rescue him and a further two firemen who go in after the first two.

Mulder and Scully, un-assigned from the X-files, are inspecting a building opposite the Federal building in Dallas after a bomb threat warning. Scully clears the building when Mulder discovers a bomb which shortly afterwards detonates, destroying the building.

Explosion aftermath The powers that be in the FBI try to pin the blame on Mulder and Scully for the explosion, and endeavour to spilt the partners up. Scully tells Mulder she is going to quit the FBI.
Back in Washington, Mulder is contacted by Dr Kurtzweil who explains that the bomb blast in Dallas was part of a cover up by members of the government.

Mulder later learns that the body of a young boy and three firemen were found in the bombed building, which they thought had been cleared. Adding substance to Dr Kurtzweil claims, given further credence when Scully's autopsy of one of the firemen can not produce a cause of death.

Mulder manages to convince Scully to help him investigate the case as he needs her. They uncover a sinister conspiracy by the shadowy syndicate to aid aliens in there colonization plans. And their part in a planned Armageddon that will affect every man, woman and child on the planet.

But even the syndicate are caught out, as the black cancer has mutated into a virus that affects humans using them to create a new alien life form. A virus for which there is no cure, save for a weak antidote developed by the Russians.

In the Sun After Mulder and Scully discover the syndicate's secret bee farm in the desert, bees that will be used as carriers of the deadly virus. The syndicate members take steps against them, kidnapping Scully and shooting Mulder. The syndicate infects Scully with the virus and takes her to a secret installation in Antarctica.

Mulder leaves hospital with the help of the Lone Gunman and Assistant Director Skinner and attempts to find Dr Kurtzweil for more information but instead meets the Well Manicured Man, who gives him Scully's location and a small amount of the Russian's antidote shortly before he is killed by a car bomb.

Shining lights Mulder tracks Scully to the installation in Antarctica, gaining entry via a tunnel in the ice. He stumbles across thousands of cryo-tubes containing people infected with the virus, gestating the new alien life form. He locates Scully and injects the antidote, some of which gets in to the system. Mulder and Scully flee the installation just in time as it turns out to be an alien craft. As they collapse at a safe distance, Mulder watches in awe as the craft flies over head and disappears in to the clouds, moments later Scully regains consciousness.

X-FILES RE-OPENED. STOP. PLEASE ADVISE. STOP A helicopter lands at the syndicate's new bee farm in the desert in North Africa, the Cigarette Smoking Man steps out and walks towards Strughold. They discuss the new bee farm and the progress of their plans. The Cigarette Smoking Man informs Strughold that Mulder has become reinvested and poses a threat to them. Strughold retorts, 'He is but one man. One man alone can not fight the future.'. The Cigarette Smoking Man hands a telegram to Strughold, it reads;

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "I'm the key figure in an ongoing government charade, a plot to conceal the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials. It's a global conspiracy actually, with key players in the highest levels of power, that reaches down into the lives of every man, woman and child on this planet....So of course no one believes me. I'm a..I'm an annoyance to my superiors, a joke to my peers, they call me 'Spooky', Spooky Mulder, whose sister was abducted by aliens when he was just a kid. And who now chases little green men with a badge and a gun, shouting to the heavens and to anyone who'll listen that the fix is in, that the sky is falling, and when it hits it's gonna be the shit-storm of all time."

Fight the Future Credits

The X-files Movie: Fight the Future is produced by 20th Century Fox / Ten Thirteen Productions.

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Cast (in credits order)
David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
William B. Davis Cigarette Smoking Man

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Rest of Cast (listed alphabetically)
Lucas Black Stevie
Tom Braidwood Frohike
Blythe Danner Jana Cassidy
Jeffrey DeMunn Dr. Ben Bronshweig
Gary Grubbs Fire Captain Miles Cooles
Dean Haglund Langly
Bruce Harwood Byers
Glenne Headley Bartender
T.W. King FBI Agent
Martin Landau Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil
Hrothgar Mathews Paramedic
Armin Mueller-Stahl Conrad Strughold
John Neville The Well-Manicured Man
Terry O'Quinn Darius Michaud
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Walter Skinner
Don S. Williams First Elder
Stanley Walsh Second Elder

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Directed by Rob Bowman
Written by Chris Carter
Frank Spotnitz
Cinematography by John Bartley
Music by Mark Snow
Executive Producer Lata Ryan
Produced by Chris Carter
Daniel Sackheim
Frank Spotnitz (co-producer)

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The X-Files Movie: Fight the Future © 1998 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Ten Thirteen Productions. All rights reserved.
All pictures from the X-files movie are © 1998 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Ten Thirteen Productions.

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