The X-files

3X04 Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose

Mulder and Scully are called in to assist in an investigation of a killer who is targeting fortune tellers. The investigators have very little to go on and need all the help they can get. They even enlist the service of a mystic, the Stupendous Yappi. Although for once Mulder is sceptical, not of psychic ability but of the Stupendous Yappi. When the body of the latest victim is discovered in a dumpster by an insurance salesman, Clyde Bruckman, he knows so many details about the crimes that Scully suspects he is the killer. Mulder however believes that Clyde Bruckman has psychic abilities and is divining the information that way. They take him to one of the crimes scenes but Bruckman is reluctant to help them, he does however predict that another body will be discovered by a lake. When Bruckman's prediction comes true, Mulder brings him in to test his ability. Bruckman is unable to ID the killer in fact Mulder realises that his only ability is that he knows how people are going to die. Scully brings evidence to Mulder that all of the victims had key chains from the same investment firm and suggests they interview the owner. Only Bruckman tells them he has been murdered and leads them to the body buried in the forest. He also tells them that the killer is a psychic. When Bruckman receives a letter from the killer, Mulder and Scully put him in protective custody. But when the killer targets Bruckman, he foresees not only his own death but that of Mulder too.

Noteworthy Quote

Bruckman: "You don't get it do ya kid...two years from now, while driving down route 91 coming home to your wife and baby daughter, your going to be hit head on by a drunk driving a blue 87 mustang. You'll end up looking worse than sixty feet of bad road your body slides across after flying out your windshield."

Customer: "Mr, you really need to work on your closing technique!"

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Writer: Darin Morgan
Director: David Nutter

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Peter Boyle Clyde Bruckman
Ken Roberts Clerk
Stu Charno Puppet
Karin Konoval Zelma
Frank Cassini Cline
Dwight Mcfee Havez
Jaap Broeker Yappi
David Mackay Young Husband
Doris Rands Mrs Lowe
Alex Diakun Tarot Dealer
Greg Anderson Photographer

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