The X-files

1X17 Miracle Man

Sheriff Daniels of Kenwood, Tennessee requests Mulder and Scully's assistance following the deaths of a number of people touched by a local faith healer. Reverand Calvin Hartley is a local preacher who runs the Miracle Ministry, his adopted son Samuel is a faith healer who cures the sick during the services. Sheriff Daniels believes that Samuel possesses a 'touch of death' and is responsible for the deaths. The agents interview Reverend Hartley who refutes any complicity in the recent deaths, he defends Samuel's healing abilities. Samuel is involved in a bar brawl and arrested, Sheriff Daniels charges him with suspicion of murder. Even Samuel believes he is responsible, that he has sinned and so God has polluted his 'gift'. He pleads with the judge to keep him in prison so he will not have to heal anyone else, but the judge releases him on bail. Mulder and Scully interview Samuel, who is resigned to the fact that his gift of healing has been taken from him. Following the interview Mulder is plagued by visions of his long lost sister Samantha which begins to affect his behaviour and alarms Scully. After the death of Multiple Sclerosis suffer, Margaret Hohman while being healed by Samuel during a service. All evidence points to Samuel being responsible, he is arrested and later found beaten to death in his cell. But when an autopsy on Margaret Hohman reveals she was poisoned, suspicion falls on Leonard Vance, a badly burned fire victim resurrected by Samuel ten years before.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder to Sheriff Daniels: "People want to believe, you know."

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Writer: Howard Gordon
Chris Carter
Director: Michael Lange

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
R D Call Sheriff Daniels
Scott Bairstow Samuel
George Gerdes Reverend Cal Hartley
Dennis Lipscomb Leonard Vance
Campbell Lane Margaret's Father
Chilton Crane Margaret Hohman
Howard Storey Fire Chief
Lisa Ann Beley Beatrice Salinger
Alex Doduk Young Samuel
Walter Marsh Judge
Iris Quinn Bernard Lillian Daniels
Roger Haskett Deputy Tyson

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