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Welcome to my X-files Episode Guide giving details of every episode of Fox's show The X-files created by Chris Carter and Ten Thirteen Productions.
As most fans will know the X-files ended after nine series and one movie in 2002 with a gap of six years before a second X-files movie was released in 2008.
Though it seemed like it would never happen, the X-files was rebooted in 2016 by FOX and returned for a tenth mini-series (run of six episodes).
It then returned in 2018 for a final series of ten episodes. Though no longer on our small screen, who knowns there may be a third X-files movie in the future!
The quotes listed by each episode are my own personal choice of noteworthy dialogue for that episode, please feel free to hassle me about my choices. If anyone can argue for a better quote I will consider changing it....maybe!
I include links to some other X-files sites below, including Fox's official X-files web site.
Hope you like the image on the left, click on it for a bigger version of Mulder's poster and a full list of the different episode tag lines.
If you have any comments or suggestions about my site or just a question about the X-files, feel free to e-mail me, use the Contact link at the bottom of each page.

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Here are some useful X-files links for more information on the X-files. Both for the TV show and the feature films, including X-files related links at Wikipedia and IMDB.

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