The X-files Episode Guide UK - - The Eighth Series

X-files Episode Guide UK - The Eighth Series

8X01 Within

Scully is released from hospital and returns to work, keeping her pregnancy secret. Only to discover other agents going over the X-files basement office. Assistant Director Skinner explains that newly promoted Director Kersh has ordered a man hunt for Mulder. Kersh has assigned agent John Doggett to the case and expects Scully and AD Skinner to co-operate with the investigation, warning that any mention of an alien connection will result in their dismissal. AD Skinner and Scully comply but secretly begin their own investigation in to Mulder's disappearance. Scully is suspicious of Agent Doggett, especially when she discovers that her phone is being tapped and later when her computer is stolen. Investigating at Mulder's apartment she discovers his computer missing as well, more bizarrely her building superintendent claims to have seen Mulder. Meanwhile AD Skinner enlists the help of the Lone Gunman in tracking the movements of the UFO after Mulder's abduction. When Mulder is again spotted, this time at the FBI, Doggett tells Scully that he believes that Mulder is dying from the affects of his unusual brain activity problem the year before and wants to save the X-files from being uncovered as a failure. So he staged his disappearance and is destroying all the evidence. AD Skinner disputes this, having been a witness to his abduction. The Lone Gunmen discover that the UFO is in the Arizona Desert, probably preparing to abduct another victim. And Scully thinks she knows who.

Notewothy Quote

Doggett: "Ever see an alien, Agent Scully?"

Scully: "You want me to go on record? I will go on record to say this: that I have seen things that I cannot explain. I have observed phenomena that I cannot deny."

8X02 Without

The FBI Task force continues is investigate Mulder's disappearance, following Scully's belief that Gibson Praise will be the abducted next, he is traced to a school for the hearing impaired. But when Agent Doggett goes to Arizona, he finds Gibson in the company of agent Mulder. Drawing his weapon Doggett orders Mulder to release Gibson threatening to shoot, in an attempt to escape Mulder leaps off a cliff. When Scully arrives Doggett is unable to explain how Mulder got away. Scully tells Doggett that the Mulder he saw was really the alien bounty hunter assuming Mulder's form. When they return to the school to help evacuate the other children, in all the commotion Scully notices a girl, Thea cycling away, Scully follows her to a cave where Gibson is hiding. He tells Scully that the alien bounty hunter has come for him, he knows that they have already taken Mulder and the others, that they are systematically removing the proof of the existence of extra terrestrial life. Scully continues her search for the UFO in the Arizona desert while Assistant Director Skinner takes Gibson to hospital. However the alien bounty hunter incapacitates AD Skinner and abducts Gibson. Scully is tipped of by Gibson that the AD Skinner he is with is really the alien bounty hunter and she shots him in the base of the neck. Later Doggett visits Scully to let her know AD Skinner and Gibson are both recovering well and that Deputy Director Kersh has assigned him to the X-files.

Notewothy Quote

Scully: "We live in a darkness of our own making... blind to a habitant world all but unseen by us. A world of beings traveling through time and space imaginable to us only as flights of fancy. Who are these beings we dare to imagine but fear to accept? What dark work goes on inside their impossible machines... cloaked from us by invisible forces? If they know our secrets, why can't we know theirs?"

8X03 Redrum

When Martin Wells, a Baltimore federal prosecutor wakes up in prison he is very confused, a radio in another cell announces that the day is Friday. A guard informs Wells that he is being transferred to another prison. In the corridor he spots an old friend agent Doggett. Outside the prison the press are gathered, as he is brought out Well's father in law steps forward and shoots him….Wells awakes again in the prison cell and is joined by Doggett and agent Scully, he is confused as to why he is in jail, Doggett informs him that he has been charged with killing his wife, Wells is shocked by the news. Later when he is taken to court to be charged, the bailiff announces that it is Thursday, the day before he was shot. The judge refuses Wells bail and orders him to be transferred to another prison the following day. Scully and Doggett join Wells in the holding cell, he tells them he is having premonitions about the future but denies killing his wife. Wells awakes once more in his cell, an attorney visits him to introduce herself as handling his case, but he knows her from his court appearance. She informs him the court appearance is tomorrow, today in Wednesday. Wells realises that he is experiencing time in reverse, living his days backwards. He confides in Doggett and Scully, Doggett is skeptical, but Scully is more interested in why it might be happening. Wells assumes that he is being given the chance to make amends for something that happened, a second chance to put things right.

Notewothy Quote

Martin Wells: "Listen. I don't know what I experienced. But what if it was a premonition? A glimpse of the future. I mean, you do hear about these kind of things?"

Scully: "Yes... You do."

8X04 Patience

Scully stares at Mulder's nameplate on his desk in the X-files basement office, she is interrupted by voices outside, Doggett enters with two other agents, seeing Scully's glare he dismisses them. Doggett comments on the lack of desks in the office but Scully tells him it is Mulder's office, they are only using it for a while. She shows Doggett slides of two homicides in Burley, Idaho a husband and wife were killed and human bites were discovered on their bodies. They travel to the crime scene to investigate and are met by Detective Abbott, who believes the couple were the victims of an animal attack and dismisses Scully's theory that the couple were attacked by a human accordingly. However even Doggett believes that a human was involved after he finds prints. However Scully discounts his idea that it is the work of a deranged killer with a deformed foot, when she finds evidence that part of the victims bodies appear to have been regurgitated and nail marks on the porch indicate something had been hanging there. At the morgue Scully notes that the scratches on the victims bodies match with those found on their porch. And when the lab reports reveal that the saliva found on the couple contains an Enzyme found only in bats, Scully leaps to the conclusion that they are on the trail of a human bat. With possible links to a 40 year old case when Doggett later produces a newspaper article from 1956 about a human bat reportedly shot by hunters following the murder of several people.

Notewothy Quote

Doggett: "The more basic answer is what we're dealing with here is simply a man. A psychotic killer with a deformed foot. You're familiar with the principle of Occam's Razor?"

Scully: "Yeah. You take every possible explanation and you choose the simplest one. Agent Mulder used to refer to it as, 'Occam's Principle of Limited Imagination'."

8X05 Roadrunners

Hank Gulatarski waits at an abandoned bus stop in Juah County, Utah. When the bus finally arrives he boards it, a disabled man on the bus watches Hank intently. The bus stops suddenly in the middle of nowhere and everyone exits, a little bewildered Hank gets off the bus to see the other passengers stoning the disabled man to death. Scully calls Doggett from the crime scene in the desert where the disabled man's body was discovered. Scully asks him to comb the X-files for cases that mention mucus. Doggett is a little annoyed at being left out of the case by Scully, but complies with her request. Scully pulls in to a dishevelled filling station, only to be informed by the attendant they are out of gas, but when Scully mentions she is a doctor he gives her some from a reserve can. However a little further up the road Scully's car splutter to a halt. She returns to the gas station on foot, the attendant directs her to the guest house to use the phone. Mr Milsap, the owner tells her it is out of order but that she is welcome to rent a room. Scully is suspicious of him and the other towns folk after witnessing them performing some sort of religious service but reluctantly she takes up his offer of a room for the night. In the morning Milsap asks her for her medical opinion on one of the other guests, Hank. He suffers fits and is bleeding from a wound on his back, he can not remember who he is or how he got there. Leading Scully to believe that the towns folk are part of a cult responsible for the recent deaths in the area.

Notewothy Quote

Doggett: "Grand Jury convenes today. All 47 cult members are sticking together. They're not offering up much defense other than that they're being persecuted for their religious beliefs."

Scully: "They believe they worshipped Christ. That that thing was the Second Coming."

8X06 Invocation

Flashback to September 1990, Lisa Underwood is sitting talking to a friend while her 7 year old son Billy plays on a swing set at the Bethune Elementary's school carnival. When she looks for her son again he has vanished. As she searches frantically for Billy a dark-haired boy walks off holding Billy's backpack. Ten years later, Lisa goes to the Elementary school to pick up her son Josh. The principal takes her to the swing set, where her son Billy is sitting there, the same age as when he disappeared. Scully and Doggett arrive at the hospital where Billy is being checked out. Scully pronounces him fit and health but he refuses to talk. Doggett treating the case as a kidnapping attempts to interview Billy to find out who took him, much to Lisa's annoyance that she refuses to co-operate further. Scully believes that Billy is not the same child, however test results prove he is. Doggett uses the original case file on Billy's disappearance to track down the dark-haired boy, Ronnie Purnell, he goes to question him but Ronnie denies having anything to do with it. That night Lisa argues with her husband Doug about Billy's return. Next morning Josh is found covered in blood although he is unharmed. A knife found in his bedroom has never been seen before. Tests reveal that the blood is Billy's but he too is unharmed. When Ronnie is seen outside the Underwood house, Scully and Doggett question him, he claims he did not believe Billy was really there. Leading them to believe he knows more about the case.

Notewothy Quote

Scully: "Okay, the clothes, the age and condition of the bones, the location of the grave. There is no doubt that that is Billy Underwood's skeleton that is in that grave."

Doggett: "We spent time with this boy. Doctors took Billy's blood. You examined him yourself. Now, I can't accept it. I can't believe we're asking them to."

8X07 Via Negativa

When two FBI agents are killed under mysterious circumstances while investigating the Ibogan Temple, a religious cult in Pittsburgh, it is classified an X-file, however with Scully admitted to hospital for tests, she passes the case to Doggett. He joins Assistant Director Skinner at the crime scene, they find agent Jim Leeds dead in his locked car. In the house he had under surveillance they discover the bodies of twenty members of the religious cult, all dead from a single axe blow to the head. However the cult's leader Anthony Tipet and Leeds' partner Angus Steadman are both unaccounted for. Doggett and AD Skinner visit Steadman's apartment and find him dead from the same head wound as the other victims. Back in Washington they report to Deputy Director Kersh, AD Skinner suggests Tipets use of an Iboga hallucinogen may have something to do with the lack of trace evidence at the crime scenes, if it allowed Tipet's consciousness to leave his body. When news comes in about the death of a homeless man in Pittsburgh with the same head wound, a trace of the last call made on a nearby pay phone leads them to Andre Bormanis a local drug dealer. He admits to supplying the drug which enables Tipet to reach the, 'depths of his soul'. When Bormanis is later found dead with the same head wound while in custody, Scully requests the Lone Gunman assist Doggett. They theorise that the drug enables Tipet to invade the dreams of his victims and making their worst nightmare come true.

Notewothy Quote

Assistant Director Skinner: "Unless Tipet took the drug and succeeded. Unless his consciousness was there but his body was somewhere else."

Deputy Director Kersh: "The X-File explanation."

8X08 Per Manum

In the X-files basement office Scully finds Doggett speaking to Duffy Haskell, a man who contacted Mulder eight years before claiming his wife was a multiple abductee. Haskell, the president of the Ohio Mutual UFO Network explains that his wife recently died whilst giving birth to a baby. A baby she should not have been able to have, after being left barren by the experiments conducted on her. Haskell believes the doctors took the baby because it was alien. After Haskell leaves Doggett points out how similar Haskells wife's experience is to Scully's. She warns Doggett to stay out of her personal files but finds herself concerned with what she has heard. Scully visits Zeus Genetics in Germantown, Maryland where Haskell's wife gave birth, while investigating she stumbles on a room full of little jars containing deformed fetuses. Fearful Scully contacts her own doctor, Parenti in hope that he can compare her ultrasound with Haskell's wife. He agrees to her request and hangs up the phone, he is in the same jar filled room that Scully saw. When she returns to the X-files basement office, Doggett informs her that his investigation has revealed that Parenti was the doctor that the Haskell's consulted. Later at home Scully is visited by Mary Hendershot, who saw Scully at Zeus Genetics, she tells Scully that her baby and Scully's baby are in danger. Doggett is informed by Assistant Director Skinner that Scully is taking a leave of absence from the X-files but he does not tell Doggett why.

Notewothy Quote

Doggett: "All I can think is that there must be documentation in our files of a conspiracy to hide the truth."

Knowle Roher: "About what, extraterrestrials?"

8X09 Surekill

Worcester, Massachusetts Carlton Chase runs frigntened through the night streets, stopping to make a desperate phone call, then in to a nearby police station. He claims that someone is going to kill him, he grabs for a policemen's sidearms and is promptly locked in a cell, moments later his head explodes. In the morning Scully and Doggett examine the cell, x-rays show Chase was shot in the head. On examination they discover a bullet hole in the air vent in the cell and trace it to a spot two floors up. They visit Chase's office and find the walls riddled with bullet holes. On his desk are a number of invoices from AAA-1 Surekill Extermination. Tammi Peyton arrives for work at AAA-1 Surekill Extermination and plays back Chase's message, after she erases it she reads about his death in the paper. She questions her boss Dwight Cooper but he does not answer her. Later he confronts his brother Randall. Who explains he acted because Chase had been stealing from them. That night Dwight surprises two drug dealers demanding their money and drugs, he points at them and they fall down dead, shot by Randall through the walls of the warehouse. Scully and Doggett investigate the warehouse killings because of the link to Chase's murder, Scully theorises that they were shot by someone who can see through walls. Doggett dismisses it as another drug hit. However when they discover traces of a chemical used by exterminators, there attention it draw to the two brothers who run AAA-1 Surekill Extermination.

Notewothy Quote

Doggett to Scully: "Your saying this guy used some kind of X-ray machine........Wait, your not saying this guy has X-ray vision?"

8X10 Salvage

Nora Pearce is comforted by Curt Delario as she mourns the death of her husband Ray. With no explanation of how he simply withered away and died, she believes his death was caused by Gulf war syndrome. As Curt drives away a figure suddenly appears in the road, but instead of the person being knocked down, the car splits around him. Scully and Doggett arrive at the scene of the accident, an autopsy reveals Curt was killed when he was pulled through the windshield. Trace evidence from the car is matched to the deceased Ray Pearce. Doggett visit’s Nora, he asks about Ray’s cremation, he wonders if Ray is in fact alive and involved in the murder. Nora denies this, stating that Ray was so ill that he could not lift his head. Later at the Southside Salvage yard as Harry Odell, Ray’s boss hurriedly shreds records, Ray enters the office. Harry shoots him with a shotgun and Ray is thrown out of the office. Harry watches as Ray’s severed hand begin to twitch, small metal threads appear and begin to repair the limb. Suddenly Ray grabs him from behind. Doggett surveys the second murder scene and finds a half shredder invoice from a Dr Clifton at Chamber Technologies. Dr Clifton no longer works for the company but his colleague Dr Puvogel explains that he was working with smart metal that can regenerate itself. When Doggett tells Scully she explains that Ray’s illness was as a result of exposure to a non-identifiable metals alloy. Scully theorises that this exposure could have in some way changed Ray's chemistry. However Doggett is sceptical of this metal man theory.

Notewothy Quote

Doggett: "A machine? Come on, a machine doesn't know blame, Agent Scully."

Scully: "Nor mercy. Unless what drove Ray to kill is also what saved those people....Some flicker of humanity."

8X11 The Gift

Agent Doggett travels to Squamash, Pennsylvania following up a previous investigation by Agent Mulder, looking for a possible connection to his disappearance. A woman named Marie had told her sister that she was going to disappear for a while. Mulder was investigating a link to a local legend of a creature roaming the woods that would eat people. The local sheriff dismisses Doggett enquiries about Mulder's investigation of what turned out to be a false report. Doggett questions Marie, who has kidney disease and her husband, who tell Doggett that nothing happened. But he notices three bullet holes that have been plastered over in the wall. Back in Washington, Doggett finds a gun with three bullets missing hidden in Mulder's apartment. When evidence of blood on the gun is discovered, he confers with Assistant Director Skinner. Doggett wonders if Mulder disappeared because he shot someone. He feels unable to confide in Scully, as she signed off the case file and could be implicated. Doggett returns with AD Skinner to Squamash to investigate further, however the sheriff tries to mislead their investigation. And when they try to interview Marie about Mulder's investigation, she is unavailable. Her husband is less than helpful, leading Doggett to believe the local townsfolk are hiding something. AD Skinner discovers a symbol draw in blood in the house and enlists the help of the Lone Gunman, they recognise the symbol as a native American medicine wheel, used to summon a soul eater to heal the sick. Doggett wonders if Mulder was trying to find a cure for his own illness.

Notewothy Quote

Skinner: "Oh, come on, John, this isn't about Mulder, it's about you! Your career. You give the FBI a narrative for Mulder's disappearance, you're off the X-Files and back on the fast-track to the directorship."

Doggett: "I'm just trying to find the truth."

8X12 Badlaa

In Mumbai airport, India, Hugh Potocki goes to the bathroom before boarding his flight back to the US. He does not notice a legless beggar on a cart, moments later Potocki is attacked and pulled under the stall door. The next day Scully and Doggett are called to a hotel room in Washington, where Potocki's bloody body was discovered. They notice a small bloody hand print on the edge of the bed. The autopsy reveals that Potocki died of massive abdominal tissue damage, and that something either went in or out of his rectal wall. Doggett suggests drug smuggling, but this is ruled out as a cause. Test results also indicated that Potocki was dead before his flight left from India. Scully theorises that it could be a living entity using the victims to travel by entering their bodies, but Doggett is dismissive. Soon afterwards they get a call about another victim. A young boy, Quinton found his father's body and claims to have seen a legless man in the house. Scully carries out the autopsy, however as she makes the incision in the man's body, a small hand reaches out. By the time Scully draws her weapon the abdomen is empty. They consult with Chuck Burks, who has assisted Mulder and Scully before. He theorises that it could be a Siddhi mystic, an Indian holy man with the ability to cloud reality. A theory given credence when Scully uncovers evidence about an accident at an American chemical plant just outside of Mumbai, that killed a number of children including the son of a holy man. She becomes convinced that the Siddhi mystic, who pass on their powers from father to son, is looking for revenge.

Notewothy Quote

Doggett: "Then why'd you shoot him?"

Scully: "Because it's what the boy saw. And in an instant I realized that it's what Mulder would have seen or understood. Because that's just how he came at things... without judgment and without prejudice and with an open mind that I am just not capable of. "

8X13 Medusa

On the Boston subway Transit Cop Philbrick, communicates via radio after spotting a possible mugger. He follows the man on to the train. Moments later the it looses power and screeches to a halt as Philbrick and the suspect struggle. Passengers at the next platform enter the train to find Philbrick with what looks like acid burns over his body. Agent Scully is called in by the Centre for Disease Control to investigate. Both she and agent Doggett discuss the situation with the local transit supervisor, Deputy Chief Karras. He is not happy that a major part of the subway system is closed, but Scully is unwilling to allow it to be re-opened until the cause of Philbrick's death is known. Lieutenant Bianco believes the would be mugger threw acid on Philbrick, however Scully is not convinced. Dogget, Bianco, Melnick who supervised tunnel construction and doctor Hellura Lyle of the CDC proceed in to the tunnels while Scully co-ordinates the investigate, keeping in touch via radio and a small camera transmitter worn by Doggett. As they explore the subway, Melnick cries out as something burns his neck, however when Dr Lyle tests a puddle of liquid, it turns out to be just sea water. Seeing movement, they realise someone else is in the tunnel, Doggett slips in to a side tunnel but is attacked and knocked down. It turns out his assailant is the mugger spotted by Philbrick, his body shows signs of acid damage. The discover of three construction workers bodies wrapped in plastic nearby with the same burns leads Scully to suspect that someone within the Transit authority is trying to cover up the problem. But what is causing it?

Notewothy Quote

Lieutenant Bianco: "Agent Doggett. This agent you work with deals with weird stuff, right?"

Doggett: "She works on something called the X-Files-- FBI cases dealing with unexplained phenomena."

8X14 This is Not Happening

Richie Szalay drives his car in pursuit of a bright light in the sky over Helena, Montana. Suddenly he stops at the sight of a UFO hovering above the trees. He yells out, "This is not happening". The UFO disappears leaving the body of a woman on the ground. Scully is called to the X-files basement office however Doggett is reluctant to tell her what is going on. They proceed to Assistant Director Skinner's office, he explains that Teresa Hoese, abducted from Oregon just before Mulder, has been found barely alive in Montana. They travel to Helena and meet with Dr Desai, who is caring for Teresa, he explains that she shows signs of being experimented on. That night Jeremiah Smith walks in to the hospital, he changes his form to that of Dr Desai and requests Teresa be transferred. Meanwhile Doggett introduces fellow agent Monica Reyes, who has been briefed on the case and has a possible lead. Teresa's injuries are similar to those found in cult abuse cases, Reyes believes that some kind of abduction group are involved, that Mulder was caught up in. Later however while driving on the highway Reyes witnesses a bright light in the sky, following it, she discovers Jeremiah Smith and another man, Absalom loading a body in to a pickup truck, they escape before she can stop them. But she finds a second body lying on the ground. It turns out to be Gary Cory, Richie's friend, also abducted from Oregon. Reyes identifies the man with Jeremiah Smith and they track him to a local farm, where they find Teresa fully healed. Scully demands to know where Mulder is, shortly afterwards he is found dead lying in a field. Part One

Notewothy Quote

Scully: "You believe in extraterrestials?"

Reyes: "Let's just say I don't not believe. As I said, I try to stay open."

8X15 DeadAlive

Three months after Mulder's funeral, Doggett is called in to Director Kersh's office and informed that he is to be transferred off the X-files. Doggett is reluctant as many questions have been left unanswered about Mulder's disappearance. Meanwhile a fishing boat in Wilmington, North Carolina discovers a badly scarred body floating in the water. When the local coroner later examines the body he is astonished to see the lips moving. When Doggett learns the body was identified as Billy Miles, thought to be dead for months but now alive, he instructs AD Skinner not to tell Scully and has Mulder's body exhumed. Scully rushes to the Bethesda Naval hospital demanding to see Mulder. Skinner tells her that he is alive although in a critical condition, not wanting to raise Scully's hope to high. Doggett is again called to Director Kersh's office and ordered to drop the investigation. Shortly afterwards AD Skinner looses consciousness in the hallway. When he recovers he finds Krycek waiting for him. He offers Skinner some of Bill Mulder's vaccine that could save Mulder's life, but there is a price, he must make sure that Scully does not give birth. Skinner refuses and Krycek leaves with the vaccine. Doggett finds Skinner disconnecting Mulder's life support and tries to stop him. Skinner tells Doggett about Krycek and the vaccine. Doggett rushes to the parking lot to stop Krycek, but he breaks the vial before Doggett can get it. He goes back upstairs and Scully tells him Mulder is in the operating room, the removal of the life support stopped incubating the virus, a course of anti-virals should save Mulder. Part Two

Notewothy Quote

Scully: "You just won't believe it, will you? Not even for a minute. Not even with it staring you right in the face."

Doggett: "Is that so important to you? What I believe or don't believe?"

8X16 Vienen

Doggett discovers Mulder rummaging through the X-files cabinets, although no longer actively investigating X-files, Mulder believes the recent death of an oir rig worker, Simon De La Cruz, on the Galpex Petroleum Orpheus oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, due to radiation exposure is extraterrestrial-related. Doggett is called to Deputy Director Kersh's office by Scully, to meet with an executive from Galpex Petroleum, called in by Mulder. Doggett is sent out to the oil rig to investigate, he is annoyed to find Mulder is already there when he arrives. Meanwhile in Washington Scully autopsies Simon's body and discovers evidence that he was infected with the black oil, but appeared to developed an immunity to it. Scully attempts to contact Dogget on the oil rig and is surprised when Mulder answers. Doggett orders the oil rig quarantined, however Mulder discovers one crewman, Diego Garza is unaccounted for. Doggett demands to know what the crew are protecting, Mulder admits he has seen the alien black oil and that he believes the Galpex executive was lying to the FBI. In Washington, Scully tells Assistant Director Skinner she believes that Simon's Mexican Indian background could account for his apparent immuity to the alien virus. Doggett is attacked by one of the crew members while trying to help Garza to get off the oil rig, only Mulder's quick intervention prevents him being exposed to the alien virus. As the other crew members begin destroying the oil rig, Mulder and Doggett evacuate to awaiting helicopters. Later Mulder informs Doggett that he has been fired from the FBI, having taken the fall for Doggett and the X-files.

Notewothy Quote

Doggett to Mulder: "Agent Mulder, I understand that you have more than just a proprietary interest in these cases. But I can't help it if your not assigned to this unit anymore"

8X17 Empedocles

In New Orleans Jeb Dukes is called in by his boss Gary Garber to be fired, he is apologetic, sorry to let him go. Jeb steps out of the office building as a police chase ends with a car crash, as he stands there a flaming man emerges from the wreckage and enters Jeb's body. That evening Jeb returns to the office, walks up to his boss and shoots him dead. Local Detective Franklin Potter requests assistance from the FBI and Agent Monica Reyes is sent to investigate, at first she dismisses the case as satanic based. However when she sees Garber's body it briefly appears to be ashes. Reyes calls in Mulder to assist her in the case. She tells him that she experienced a similar vision while investigating Doggett's son's case. When they found his body, both she and Doggett saw the corpse as ashes momentarily althought Doggett later dismissed this as his imagination. When Doggett finds out about Mulder's investigation he accosts him in the hallway yelling at him to stay out of his life. Mulder tries to cool Doggett down explaining he was called in to assist by Reyes. She joins them in the hallway telling Doggett she believes the current case and his son's case are linked. Doggett warns her to leave it alone. Doggett visits Scully in the hospital and asks her why she now believes in the paranormal in the X-files, Scully tells him she was scared to believe before. Back in the X-files basement office Mulder tells Reyes he can find no connection to the other cases with the same kind of visions. But Reyes is insitstent that there is a connection, possible a thread of evil linking them all. Mulder warns her to leave Doggett alone, if he does not want to believe.

Notewothy Quote

Scully: "But then that's the other gift that you gave me, Mulder......Courage... to believe. And I hope that's a gift I can pass on."

8X18 Three Words

Secret service agents ambush Howard Salt, a federal census worker, as he attempts to break in to the White House. He yells, "The aliens are taking over the United States!" and shoots himself. In his hand a CDROM with the words, "Fight the Future" written on it. Director Kersh calls Assistant Director Skinner and Doggett to his office about Mulder's re-assignment to the X-files, he intends to block it. Doggett argues until Kersh threatens to close the X-files for good. Skinner and Scully break the news to Mulder, who believes they have all become pawns in a larger conspiracy, he wants more than ever to return to work. When news of Salt's death reach Absalom in prison in West Virginia he promptly escapes, turning up at Doggett's home to kidnap him. AD Skinner briefs the agents tasked with re-capturing Absalom, warning them to take his claims of alien invasion seriously. Mulder meanwhile links Salt to Absalom, they were part of the same UFO cult, Salt was a multiple abductee. Mulder is sure he was killed for what he knew. Mulder and Scully sneak in to the FBI evidence room and recover the hard drive from Salt's laptop and take it to the Lone Gunmen who discover file directories from the Federal Statistics Centre on it. Absalom with Doggett as hostage tries to enter the Federal Statistics Centre looking for proof that aliens are already here among us. However security guards quickly surround them and shoot Absalom dead. Doggett briefs Skinner on the events, when Mulder bursts in and attacks him, accusing him of being part of the conspiracy. Scully is concerned that Mulder is in over his head.

Noteworthy Quote

Doggett: "Just what's the problem here?"

Mulder: "The problem? You occupy an office that used to be devoted to finding the truth and now you're busy burying it. That's the problem."

8X19 Alone

Gary Sacks nurses his sick father Arlen in Ellicot, New York. As he prepares a meal he hears the heart monitor flat line. When he reaches his father’s room he finds the bed empty, he hears a hissing sound and is sprayed with some kind of venom. With Scully away on maternity leave Doggett is assigned a temporary partner, agent Leyla Harrison, she is a great fan of Mulder and Scully’s work and is very excited to be investigating an actual X-file. But her enthusiasm gets the better of her and conflicts with Dogget's investigation techniques, immediately offering a paranormal explanation when they discover evidence of slime at the crime scene. Doggett checks out a deserted mansion near the Sack’s house, he hears gun shots from outside and finds Harrison missing. As he searches for her, he falls through a trap door in to an underground room. Assistant Director Skinner leads a team of agents in the search for Doggett, when Scully hears he is missing she returns to work to help. She performs Arlen Sack’s autopsy and discovers the venom is of reptile origin. Mulder is worried about Scully working in her condition and steps in to conduct his own investigation. Mulder arriving at the crime scene searches in the woods. He stumbles upon the mansion but the owner Herman Stites denies any knowledge of a reptile. Scully calls Mulder to warn him that AD Skinner is angry that he is tampering with a federal investigation. Mulder informs Scully that they are looking for a man not a reptile and that he is suspicious of Stites. And for good reason it turns out when Scully discovers that Stites has been working on creating a new species of reptile.

Noteworthy Quote

Agent Leyla Harrison: "I know the X-files Agent Doggett, inside and out. Other people don't even want to admit these questions exist, but you face them every day."

8X20 Essence

With Scully preparing for the birth of her child, Mrs Scully hires a nurse to help her, however Lizzy Gill seems to have another agenda, beginning with replacing her pills. Mulder turns up at Doggett's apartment, although no longer an FBI agent, he is interested in a fire at Zeus Genetics, believing someone is trying to cover up the work being done there. Doggett sends Agent Crane to the scene, who determines that Dr Lev is missing. Mulder and Doggett visit his partner Dr Parenti, Scully's old obstetrician, they surprise him in his office examining rows of abnormal foetuses specimens. Mulder accuses him of experimenting with alien embryos. When Lizzy Gill leaves Scully’s apartment she is picked up by Duffy Haskell, who had previous contacted Mulder and Scully in regards to a conspiracy surrounding implanting alien foetuses into abducted women. Mulder and Doggett return to Dr Parenti's office only to find him dead, Mulder is attacked by Billy Miles, who Doggett manages to shot, but it has no affect. Later Mulder explains that Billy is an alien replacement, the outcome of his recent abduction. Scully's treatment of Mulder saved him from the same fate. Mulder fears for Scully and her unborn child and persuades her to leave her apartment. When the lights go off in her building, Mulder rushes Scully to the car, however they are hemmed in and unable to drive away. As Billy Miles approaches, he is knocked down by a car driven by Alex Krycek. Doggett arranges for Agent Reyes to take Scully away from Washington so that he, Mulder, Assistant Director Skinner and Krycek can determine why the aliens are so interested in Scully’s baby. Part One

Noteworthy Quote

Assistant Director Skinner: "What do they want?"

Krycek: "They want to knock out any and all attempts by us to survive the final days, when they come back to retake the planet."

8X21 Existence

The pathologist called in to autopsy Billy Miles, is less than happy at the lateness of the hour and opts to finish in the morning. After he leaves the metallic vertebrae he found during the initial examination begins to reproduce itself. Next morning, Mulder holds a picture from the security camera showing a health Billy Miles leaving the morgue. Krycek explains to him, Assistant Director Skinner and Doggett that Billy Miles is a new kind of alien, created to repopulate the planet and that he and the others like him are looking for Scully. Doggett is called away by Agent Crane, who informs him that Knowle Rohrer is there to see him. Rohrer tells Doggett that Billy Miles is a prototype, part of a government program to create a super soldier and that Scully was impregnated with such a prototype. He wants to know where she is, but Doggett plays ignorant. When Billy Miles enters the FBI building, Krycek spots him and runs for the elevator, AD Skinner quickly follows, but is cut on the head when Billy Miles’ arm tears through the metal doors. As he recuperates in hospital Doggett tells Mulder what Rohrer told him, but Mulder is suspicious, with good reason it turns out when he and Doggett spot Rohrer talking to Krycek in his car in the basement garage at the FBI building. While Doggett follows Rohrer, who meets with Agent Crane and Deputy Director Kersh, Krycek surprises Mulder and is about to shoot him when AD Skinner arrives and takes his revenge on Krycek. Later Mulder arrives at Scully’s apartment and finds the Lone Gunman there bearing gifts for Scully’s baby. Scully tells Mulder she has decided to call the baby William after his father, they embrace. Part Two

Noteworthy Quote

Assistant Director Skinner: "You're sitting there for one reason, Krycek. Because you can explain it. "

Krycek: "I told you, he's a human replacement. Some new kind of alien, created to aid in the repopulation of the planet."

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