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The top of this page speaks volumes, I want to believe that a second X-files movie will be made.
Well finally it has been and guess what it is titled, "I Want to Believe", that's right what I had up on my site as sentiment of a second X-files movie being made, turns out to be the title of the long awaited second X-files movie.
From it being a dead certainty at the begining of 2002 when the final series of the X-files was shown on TV, things have gone very quiet. Sure Chris Carter and Co have been busy with the production and promotion of the DVD box sets, not to mention the X-files video game, Resist or Serve for the Playstation 2 and Xbox. But what about the second movie. Well people it has been a long wait, but the waiting is finally over.

Update May 2008

I have added a second X-files Movie, I Want to Believe page to my site, which has everything that I have found out about the second X-files movie so far. You can access it here.

Update April 2008

It's official the second X-Files movie is in post production and is titled, "I Want to Believe". It is due to be released on the 25 July 2008 in the US, however everyone in the UK will have to wait until the 1 August 2008.
Written by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz and directed by Chris Carter, the film will be a stand alone film and not part of the ongoing alien conspiracy. Along with regulars like Mitch Pileggi, the cast includes Billy Connolly and Amanda Peet.

Update November 2007

After months of silence, we are starting to hear more official rumours of a production start date for the long awaited second X-files movie.
Reports are that Chris Carter and Fox have reached an out of court settlement in their legal dispute over a breach of contract, which was a major stumbling block over progress with the second X-files movie.
Reports are that production will begin later this month for a possible release of the film in the summer 2008, though this has not been officially confirmed as yet, things are sounding more promising after months of uncertainty.

Update February 2007

Things have gone very quiet on the official front about a second X-files movie, even David Duchovny has not been talking about it lately.
This does not mean to say that plans for a second X-files movie have been shelved, just don't expect the movie any time soon.
Chris Carter has an ongoing legal suit with Fox over a breach of contract, that it would appear will have to be settled before production on a second X-files movie could begin.

David Duchovny April 2004

David Duchovny's told Radio 1 he is signed up for another 'X-Files' movie. He'll be returning to the big screen to investigate more spooky goings on. David says creator Chris Carter is already hard at work on the script;
"They are just setting about writing it now, so we'll be doing it in the next year."

David Duchovny February 2004

David Duchovny wrote on the Razor gaming Web site about the PlayStation 2/Xbox video game The X-Files: Resist or Serve;
"I'm proud of The X-Files, and I'm very pleased to see how the video game will help extend the life of the series.
We're also working to put together the next X-Files movie. I'd imagine we'd get into shooting in the next year or so, depending on when the script is written."

Gillian Anderson March 2004

Gillian Anderson in an interview with Playstation magazine about the PlayStation 2/Xbox video game The X-Files: Resist or Serve;
"We've always said it would be fun to do [another] movie years after the end of the series, I don't have any doubt there will be one, and I'm not alone in that."

Chris Carter Web site April 2003

From the Chris Carter Online web site;
We've finally received confirmation from two reliable sources that Chris is indeed working on an X-Files movie script. We've held off posting this for the last several weeks because it's been a very hard rumor to actually confirm. We feel confident in posting this now.

Chris Carter May 2002

Chris Carter said the following during an interview for CINESCAPE Magazine;
Its definite [in so far] as everyone has expressed their desire to do it, including the studio. I hope to write it over the summer, prep it over the fall and spring, and shoot it late spring and next summer. I think you would end up seeing it in 2004 I have rough ideas and Im sort of deciding what to do.

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