The X-files

9X17 Release

When Doggett receives an anonymous tip about a murder, he discovers a womanís body in a freshly plastered wall at the location he was given. Scully autopsies the unidentified woman and one of the FBI cadets present, Rudolph Hayes appears very perceptive about the murder. He recounts details that help to ID the woman, he is also adamant that the man who killed her has killed before. When Scully discovers a link to an earlier murder, Reyes and Doggett question Hayes. They thank him for the information he gave that was used to produce a profile of the killer. When Doggett asks Hayes how he knew about the case, he tells them that he sees things. He also tells them that the profile they have is wrong and gives them his profile of the killer. Using the profile, Reyes and Doggett question Nicolas Regali, a local mob enforcer about his whereabouts at the times of the two recent murders. But Regali is not very forth coming, leading them to believe they have the right man. Given his invaluable assistance on the case Doggett requests Hayes look at another case, the unsolved murder of his son Luke. However Hayes already knows about the case. He takes Doggett to his apartment and shows him pictures on the wall of unsolved murders, including Luke's. He tells Doggett it is where he gets his information, by staring at the pictures until they talk to him. Doggett warns Hayes he might be a little crazy. Hayes shows him a picture of one of the suspects in his sonís case, Bon Harvey and informs Doggett that he was the one who took Luke but he did not kill him. The person who killed Luke is the same person who killed the two women recently. Given Doggett a glimmer of hope that he might finally be able to lay his son to rest.

Noteworthy Quote

Reyes: "I will never know how badly it hurt you to lose your son or how much pain you still carry. I understand how much you want to find his killer, but I don't want to see you disappointed. Not again."

Doggett: "It's not going to happen. Not this time."

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Story by: David Amann
John Shiban
Teleplay by: David Amann
Director: Kim Manners

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
Annabeth Gish Special Agent Monica Reyes

Guest Cast:
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner
Cary Elwes Assistant Director Follmer
Sal Landi Nicholas Regali
Barbara Patrick Barbara Doggett
Jared Poe Rudolph Hayes

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