The X-files

9X13 Audrey Pauley

Reyes drops Doggett of at his house on the way home, they say goodnight. At the next junction her car is hit by another vehicle. Reyes is rushed to hospital. Reyes wakes up and is all alone, there are no doctors or nurses around. She gets up and walks to the entrance and discovers the hospital building is floating in a dark void. Back in to the hospital Reyes meets another patient, Stephen Murdoch, he introduces her to another patient, Mr. Barreiro. Both he had Murdoch believe they are dead. Reyes can not accept this and wanders the hospital, she notices that there are no signs on the walls and all the charts are gibberish. At the hospital Reyes is in a coma, attached to a ventilator. Dr Preijers tells Doggett that Reyes signed an organ donor card but Doggett refuses to give up on her. Reyes spots a woman in the hospital but she disappears in to a wall. Reyes returns to see Mr Barreiro’s body start to spark and then fade away. Reyes tells Murdoch that she does not think they are dead. Meanwhile Dr Preijers turns off Mr Barreiro’s life support machine and comforts his family. The woman Reyes saw watches him, she is a patient’s aid called Audrey Pauley. Doggett pleads with Scully to help buy time for Reyes, he points out her EEG chart showed brain activity when she arrived in the hospital. He returns to Reyes’ room and finds Audrey there, she tells him Reyes’ soul has not left. Doggett laments he wished he could talk to her. Audrey leaves the room and goes down to the basement, in her room is a small scale model of the hospital. Reyes sees Audrey who tells her that her friend loves her before leaving. Doggett suspects there is something sinister going on but can he discover what in time to save Reyes.

Noteworthy Quote

Stephen Murdoch: "Okay, okay, let's concentrate on one unexplainable event at a time here. What the hell happened to Mr. Barreiro?"

Reyes: "My opinion? I think he died. You can't die if you're already dead. Which backs up my belief that you and I are alive."

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Writer: Steve Maeda
Director: Kim Manners

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
Annabeth Gish Special Agent Monica Reyes

Guest Cast:
Jack Blessing Dr Jack Preijers
Tracey Ellis Audrey Pauley
Michele Harrell Mrs Murdoch
Cynthena Sanders ER Nurse
Stan Shaw Stephen Murdoch
Vernee Watson-Johnson Nurse Whitney Edwards
Del Zamora Mr Barreiro
Esther Tita Mercado Mrs Barreiro
Joe Nieves Barreiro's Son
Ana Maria Lagasca Barreiro's Daughter

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