The X-files

9X09 Underneath

In a flashback to 1989, Bob Fassl a cable repairman sits in his van. A voice tells him to, ‘do his job’, after kissing his rosary he gets out and goes in to house his van is parked outside of. When neighbours hear screams, they call the NYPD. The responding officers, one of them Doggett find a mother, father and daughter murdered and Fassl alone in the house. Present day, Doggett is furious to learn that Fassl is being released. The DNA evidence was re-tested using modern techniques and cleared Fassl of being the "screwdriver killer". Doggett is convinced they arrested the right man, even when Scully verifies the DNA results. He asks Scully and Reyes to go to New York with him to investigate. Shortly after Fassl is released from the Sing Sing prison he sees a mysterious bearded man in the crowded streets. That night while staying at his lawyer’s house, the words, ‘kill her’ appear in blood on the wall. And the bearded man appears in his room, Fassl begs the man not to hurt Fain, his lawyer. He is relived next morning when Fain explains she had been out that night seeing another client. Reyes interviews the Sing Sing prison superintendent, who informs her that Fassl was suspected of murdering a fellow inmate while he was inside. However security camera footage showed a bearded man, who did not match any prison inmate so the investigation was dropped. Meanwhile Scully discovers that though the DNA does not match Fassl’s, it is so similar it must be a blood relative. Only one problem, Fassl is an only child. Reyes informs Doggett about the bearded man, he does not appear in the known offender database. She believes that he is the one responsible for the murders. But what is his connection to Fassl?

Noteworthy Quote

Doggett: "So, who is he?"

Reyes: "I'm wondering more along the line of what is he? I ran him through the known offender database facial recognition -- came up with nothing. It's like he has no identity. Yet, somehow this person materialized inside a maximum security prison, killed an inmate and then vanished into thin air."

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Writer: John Shiban
Director: John Shiban

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
Annabeth Gish Special Agent Monica Reyes

Guest Cast:
Robert Curtis Brown Assistant DA Damon Kaylor
W Earl Brown Robert Fassl
Lisa Darr Jana Fain
Alan Davidson Bearded Man
Carol Kiernan Mother
Kelly McNair Teenage Girl
Arthur Nascarella Duke Tomasick
Mary-Margaret Lewis Mrs Dowdy
Paul Vincent O'Connor Superintendent Brian Hutchinson
Michael Patterson Father
Aaron D Spears Guard

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