The X-files

9X06 Lord of the Flies

Reyes and Doggett travel to Ocean county, New Jersey. At the request of the local medical examiner, who is unable to ascertain the cause of death of Capín Dare, who died while doing a stunt for the local cable access show, Dumb Ass. As they examine the body, Reyes notices movement under the eyelid when suddenly flies swarm out. Scully is called in for her medical expertise and concludes that the flies fed at such a furious rate which caused the head to collapse from within. Scully consults with an entomologist Dr. Rocky Bronzino on the case while Doggett and Reyes interview David Winkle, aka Sky Commander Winky, producer of Dumb Ass. Accusing him of killing his friend in a bid to sell the show to the networks, which he denies. As they interrogate him, he is attacked by lice, spelling out Dumb Ass in welts on his back. Dr Bronzino discovers that the flies that attacked Capín Dare were all female, suggesting that hormones could have been used to trigger the attack. Doggett reviews the Dumb Ass video and notices one boy, Dylan Lokensgard present for every stunt, and that he had an apparent altercation with David Winkle just before he was attacked. They question him, however his mother Anne Lokensgard a school administrator, refuses to let the interrogation continue. Moments later Dylan is covered in flies. By the time the paramedics arrive the flies have gone, they examine Dylan but he is unharmed. Reyes believes that Dylan staged the attack to make him look like a victim rather than the perpetrator. Dr. Bronzino analyses a tissue Dylan used to wipe away sweat and discovers it contains bug hormones. Leading Reyes to conclude Dylan is directing the bugs to do his bidding.

Noteworthy Quote

Rocky Bronzino: "A boy is a boy, a bug is a bug. You can't have it both ways."

Scully: "Okay, so this boy's going through puberty, right? I mean, maybe his body chemistry is somehow just going crazy and it's his raging teenage hormones that are attracting all these insects."

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Writer: Thomas Schnauz
Director: Kim Manners

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett
Annabeth Gish Special Agent Monica Reyes

Guest Cast:
Hank Harris Dylan Lokensgard
Samaire Armstrong Natalie Gordon
Michael Wiseman Dr Rocky Bronzino
Jane Lynch Mrs Anne T Lokensgard
Aaron Paul Sky Commander Winky
Branden Williams Cap'n Dare
Erick Avari Dr Herb Fountain
Aeryk Egan Camera Dude

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