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Doggett discovers Mulder rummaging through the X-files cabinets, although no longer actively investigating X-files, Mulder believes the recent death of an oir rig worker, Simon De La Cruz, on the Galpex Petroleum Orpheus oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, due to radiation exposure is extraterrestrial-related. Doggett is called to Deputy Director Kersh's office by Scully, to meet with an executive from Galpex Petroleum, called in by Mulder. Doggett is sent out to the oil rig to investigate, he is annoyed to find Mulder is already there when he arrives. Meanwhile in Washington Scully autopsies Simon's body and discovers evidence that he was infected with the black oil, but appeared to developed an immunity to it. Scully attempts to contact Dogget on the oil rig and is surprised when Mulder answers. Doggett orders the oil rig quarantined, however Mulder discovers one crewman, Diego Garza is unaccounted for. Doggett demands to know what the crew are protecting, Mulder admits he has seen the alien black oil and that he believes the Galpex executive was lying to the FBI. In Washington, Scully tells Assistant Director Skinner she believes that Simon's Mexican Indian background could account for his apparent immuity to the alien virus. Doggett is attacked by one of the crew members while trying to help Garza to get off the oil rig, only Mulder's quick intervention prevents him being exposed to the alien virus. As the other crew members begin destroying the oil rig, Mulder and Doggett evacuate to awaiting helicopters. Later Mulder informs Doggett that he has been fired from the FBI, having taken the fall for Doggett and the X-files.

Notewothy Quote

Doggett to Mulder: "Agent Mulder, I understand that you have more than just a proprietary interest in these cases. But I can't help it if your not assigned to this unit anymore"

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Writer: Steve Maeda
Director: Rod Hardy

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett

Guest Cast:
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner
James Pickering Jr Deputy Director Kersh
Miguel Sandoval Martin Ortega
Casey Biggs Saksa
Gregory Norman Cruz Diego Garza
MC Gainey Bo Taylor
Lee Reherman Yuri
Luis Villalta Simon De La Cruz
Kevin C Loomis Chef
Steve Wilcox Ed Dell
Rich Marotta Hockey Announcer

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