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Nora Pearce is comforted by Curt Delario as she mourns the death of her husband Ray. With no explanation of how he simply withered away and died, she believes his death was caused by Gulf war syndrome. As Curt drives away a figure suddenly appears in the road, but instead of the person being knocked down, the car splits around him. Scully and Doggett arrive at the scene of the accident, an autopsy reveals Curt was killed when he was pulled through the windshield. Trace evidence from the car is matched to the deceased Ray Pearce. Doggett visitís Nora, he asks about Rayís cremation, he wonders if Ray is in fact alive and involved in the murder. Nora denies this, stating that Ray was so ill that he could not lift his head. Later at the Southside Salvage yard as Harry Odell, Rayís boss hurriedly shreds records, Ray enters the office. Harry shoots him with a shotgun and Ray is thrown out of the office. Harry watches as Rayís severed hand begin to twitch, small metal threads appear and begin to repair the limb. Suddenly Ray grabs him from behind. Doggett surveys the second murder scene and finds a half shredder invoice from a Dr Clifton at Chamber Technologies. Dr Clifton no longer works for the company but his colleague Dr Puvogel explains that he was working with smart metal that can regenerate itself. When Doggett tells Scully she explains that Rayís illness was as a result of exposure to a non-identifiable metals alloy. Scully theorises that this exposure could have in some way changed Ray's chemistry. However Doggett is sceptical of this metal man theory.

Notewothy Quote

Doggett: "A machine? Come on, a machine doesn't know blame, Agent Scully."

Scully: "Nor mercy. Unless what drove Ray to kill is also what saved those people....Some flicker of humanity."

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Writer: Jeffrey Bell
Director: Rod Hardy

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett

Guest Cast:
Wade Andrew Williams Ray Pearce
Jennifer Parsons Nora Pearce
Arye Gross Dr Tom Puvogel
Tamara Clatterbuck Larina Jackson
Dan Desmond Harry Odell
Scott MacDonald Curt Delario
Randy Walker SWAT Cop
Kenneth Meseroll Owen Harris
Colleen Quinn Owen's Wife
Reece Morgan Owen's Little Boy
Jack Forbes Ray's Double

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