The X-files

8X07 Via Negativa

When two FBI agents are killed under mysterious circumstances while investigating the Ibogan Temple, a religious cult in Pittsburgh, it is classified an X-file, however with Scully admitted to hospital for tests, she passes the case to Doggett. He joins Assistant Director Skinner at the crime scene, they find agent Jim Leeds dead in his locked car. In the house he had under surveillance they discover the bodies of twenty members of the religious cult, all dead from a single axe blow to the head. However the cult's leader Anthony Tipet and Leeds' partner Angus Steadman are both unaccounted for. Doggett and AD Skinner visit Steadman's apartment and find him dead from the same head wound as the other victims. Back in Washington they report to Deputy Director Kersh, AD Skinner suggests Tipets use of an Iboga hallucinogen may have something to do with the lack of trace evidence at the crime scenes, if it allowed Tipet's consciousness to leave his body. When news comes in about the death of a homeless man in Pittsburgh with the same head wound, a trace of the last call made on a nearby pay phone leads them to Andre Bormanis a local drug dealer. He admits to supplying the drug which enables Tipet to reach the, 'depths of his soul'. When Bormanis is later found dead with the same head wound while in custody, Scully requests the Lone Gunman assist Doggett. They theorise that the drug enables Tipet to invade the dreams of his victims and making their worst nightmare come true.

Notewothy Quote

Assistant Director Skinner: "Unless Tipet took the drug and succeeded. Unless his consciousness was there but his body was somewhere else."

Deputy Director Kersh: "The X-File explanation."

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Writer: Frank Spotnitz
Director: Tony Wharmby

Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully
Robert Patrick Special Agent John Doggett

Guest Cast:
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner
Dean Haglund Langly
Bruce Harwood Byers
Tom Braidwood Frohike
James Pickering Jr Deputy Director Kersh
Kevin McClatchy James Leeds
Lawrence Lejohn Angus Stedman
Mary Ostrow Nurse
Kirk BR Woller Special Agent Gene Crane
Keith Szarabajka Anthony Tipet
Wayne Alexander Senior Agent
Wayne A King Homeless Man
Grant Heslov Andre Bormanis
Christopher Jacobs ER Doctor

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