The X-files

7X20 Fight Club

When two FBI agents from the Kansas office get in to a fight with one another while investigating an incident where two men making religious calls got in to a fight with one another after visiting two houses and finding identical looking women living in them, Mulder brings the case to Scully's attention. One of the women is identified as Betty Templeton. Back in Kansas, Lulu Pfeiffer, who looks exactly like Betty applies for a job at a Koko's Copy shop, the manager remarks on the fact that she has had 17 jobs in 17 states in the past 3 years. Across town in another Koko's Copy shop, Betty also applies for a job and the manager there notes that she has had 17 jobs in 17 states in the past 3 years. A newspaper clipping leads Mulder and Scully to Burt Zupanic, an amateur wrestler, he claims not to know Betty, but gives them an address. Scully checks the address and finds out about Lulu, she relates to Mulder how Lulu and Betty have followed each other from state to state and where ever they go, destruction has followed in their wake, from fights to fires even full scale riots. Evidence suggests that the women are dopplegangers and keeping them apart should be their top priority. Unfortunately both Lulu and Betty have fallen for Burt Zupanic and have decided they want to stay in Kansas. When Scully discovers that Betty and Lulu's likeness stems from their shared father, via donations to a sperm bank. It leads to the discovery of Burt's doppleganger, but when they meet chaos ensues.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully to Mulder: "What I'm thinking, Mulder, is how familiar this seems. Playing Watson to your Sherlock. You dangling clues out in front of me one by one. It's a game, and... and, as usual, you're, you're holding something back from me. You're not telling me something about this case."

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Writer: Chris Carter
Director: Paul Shapiro

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Kathy Griffin Betty Templeton / Lulu Pfeiffer
Randall "Tex" Cobb Bert Zupanic
Art Evans Argyle Saperstein
Jack McGee Angry Bob
Cory Blevins 1st Missionary
John O'Brien 2nd Missionary
Arlene Pileggi Woman Who Looks Like Scully
Steve Kiziak Man Who Looks Like Mulder
Brian Chenoweth Koko's Manager
Nicole Bush Customer
Paul Hansen Kim 2nd Customer
John Mack 3rd Customer
Jim Hanna 2nd Koko's Manager
Gene Lebell Bartender
Christopher Michael Trusty
Rob Van Dam Opponent

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