The X-files

7X16 Chimera

Mulder and Scully are on a stake out in Washington, following the disappearance of six prostitutes from the Dirty Dames Strip Club, on the trail of a mysterious blond woman, a possible female serial killer, who has successfully evaded two police raids by appearing to vanishing. However Mulder is called to Assistant Director Skinner's office and briefed on a missing persons case in Bethany, Vermont. Martha Crittendon, the daughter of a US Federal Judge disappeared from her home shortly after her seven year old daughter saw a black raven. Skinner wants Mulder to investigate the raven aspect of the case from his unique prospective of the paranormal. Mulder joins local sheriff Phil Adderly at the Crittendon residence. Martha's husband suspects that his wife is not missing, but has run off with the man she was having an affair with, after he finds birth control pills and a key with the number six on it. However talon marks on the mantel piece and a shatter mirror have Mulder believing there is more to the case, a belief which is vindicated when Martha's raven pecked body is discovered buried in the garden. Shortly afterwards the Sheriff's wife, Ellen is chased through her house by a dark figure, shattering mirrors along the way. When a second woman is found murdered in a similar fashion to Martha in a hotel room, the key Martha's husband found fits the lock, linking the two victims together. Mulder theorises that someone is either knowingly or unwittingly directing an evil spirit to attack.

Noteworthy Quote

Sheriff Phil Adderly: "You're not saying a raven's the reason Martha's gone missing?"

Mulder: "No, no. Not... not a raven itself. But, in folklore, ravens are companions to evil-- evil spirits, witches, warlocks-- that kind of thing."

Sheriff Phil Adderly: "Agent Mulder, I appreciate the different tack you're taking on this investigation, but this whole bird thing...? And keep in mind you're basing this on the word of a seven-year-old girl."

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Writer: David Amann
Director: Cliff Bole

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner
Michelle Joyner Ellen Adderly
Gina Mastrogiacomo Jenny Gurgich
F William Parker Dr Blankenship
John Mese Sheriff Adderly
Wendy Schaal Martha Crittendon
Charles Hoyes Howard Crittendon
Ashley Edner Michelle Crittendon

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