The X-files

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When a young girl, Amber Lynn LaPierre disappears from her home and the only clue is an abduction note written in her mother's hand writing, Mulder requested Assistant Director Skinner assigns him to the case. Scully is worried that Mulder is personalizing the case, linking it to his sister Samantha's abduction. Mulder connects the phrase, 'no one shoots at Santa Claus', from the abduction note to a previous case. They visit Kathy Lee Tencate in the Idaho state prison, in 1987 she was convicted of murder on the evidence of a similar note found written in her handwriting after her son disappeared. Kathy is at first reluctant to help them, but eventually tells them that she knows her son is safe. On their return to Washington they discover that Mulder's mother, Tena Mulder has taken her own life. Mulder refuses to believe that she committed suicide until Scully's autopsy reveals his mother was suffering from a terminal illness and knew about it. Mulder returns to see Kathy, who opens up to him, revealing that she has seen visions of her son. He has been taken by 'Walk-ins', enlightened souls looking for new bodies. She believe Mulder's sister met a similar fate. Mulder finds an answer phone message from his mother, explaining that she left many things unsaid and hopes he will come to understand, Mulder takes this to mean about his sister. Mrs LaPierre contacts Mulder saying that she has seen a vision of Amber, it leads them to a Santa village and a number of shallow graves. Part One

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "That's not what I mean. You're personalizing this case. You're identifying with your sister."

Mulder: "My sister was taken by aliens. Did I say anything about aliens, Scully."

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Writer: Chris Carter
Frank Spotnitz
Director: Michael Watkins

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner
Mark Rolston Bud LaPierre
Rebecca Toolan Reverend O'Connor
Eric Nenninger Mrs Teena Mulder
Shareen Mitchell Billie LaPierre
Megan Corletto Amber Lynn LaPierre
Spencer Garrett Harry Bring
Kim Darby Kathy Lee Tencate
Martin Grey Agent Flagler
Randall Bosley Paunchy Man
John Harnagel World Weary Dad
Marie Chambers Guard
John Bisom News Anchor #2
Nancy Tiballi News Anchor #1
Dylan Stjepovic Kathy Lee's Son
Nick Lashaway Young Mulder
Ashlynn Rose Young Samantha

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