The X-files

7X08 The Amazing Maleeni

When a magician, the Amazing Maleeni is heckled during a routine performance at the Santa Monica Pier in California by an unimpressed man in the audience. He announces he will attempt the feat of the Egyptian Dedi, and turns his head completely around on his neck, the audience applaud. But after the show the pier manager finds the Amazing Maleeni's headless body in his car. The following day, Mulder and Scully examine the scene, although Scully is less interested believing it to be merely a murder case. Mulder is intrigued by video footage a tourist took of the Amazing Maleeni's trick, although they can not make out the heckler's face, Scully notices him throwing away a soda cup on film. The fingerprints on the cup lead them to Billy LaBonge, a small-time magician with a criminal record. They question him, but he claims that The Amazing Maleeni was just an old man with a gambling debt. However when Scully's autopsy reveals that The Amazing Maleeni's (real name Herman Pinchbeck) head had been carefully sawed off and then stuck back on with spirit gum, and that he had died of a heart attach and been stored in a refrigerator for over a month, suspicion falls on Albert Pinchbeck, Herman's twin brother, and also a magician. Mulder believes that Albert performed the show on the pier in his brother's honour, so that his reputation would be guaranteed after his death. And that he knows Billy LaBonge and is working with him, in an effort to pull off the perfect bank robbery.

Noteworthy Quote

Billy LaBonage: "It's about... originality. Style. And more than anything else... soul. Because that's what separates the great ones... from the hacks. We can't do this halfway. We're dealing with powerful forces at work here. Energies far beyond our mere... mortal... understanding."

Mulder: "Enough to make a magician lose his head?"

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Writer: Vince Gilligan
John Shiban
Frank Spotnitz
Director: Thomas J Wright

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Ricky Jay The Amazing Maleeni/Albert Pinchbeck
Jonathan Levit Billy LaBonge
Robert LaSardo Cissy Alvarez
Jim Maniaci Bullethead
Rick Marzan Holding Cell Officer
Mark Chaet Bank Officer
Dennis Keiffer Bullethead
Dan Rice Uniform Cop
Sherri Howard Female Employee
J David Young Boss
Steven Barr Courier Guard
Adam Vernier Driver

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