The X-files

7X06 Rush

Three teenagers meet in the woods late at night in Pittsfield, Virginia but are interrupted by a Sheriff's deputy. Moments later the deputy lies dead, killed with his own flashlight. Mulder and Scully examine the deputy's body, the blow that killed him was so ferocious that his glasses were pushed through the back of his scull. They question the suspect, teenager Tony Reed whose fingerprints were found on the flash light, but he denies any part in the murder. Mulder and Scully agree that Tony is innocent, although Mulder's theory of spirit involvement is not shared by Scully who prefers a more down to earth course of investigation, suggesting they question Tony's friends. Mulder and Scully visit Tony's school and speak with the two teenagers with Tony in the woods, the Sheriff's son Max Harden and his girlfriend Chastity. Chastity shows concerned about Tony when Mulder and Scully tell her he may go to jail. However Tony is later released when the murder weapon mysteriously goes missing from the evidence room. Mulder and Scully review video footage of the evidence room that shows the flashlight simply disappears. A blur on the video footage attracts Mulders attention, later analysis by expert Chuck Burks reveals the blurred object is solid and matches the local high school colours. When one of the teachers at the high school is later attacked by an unseen force in front of many witnesses, Mulder suspects Max posses some kind of paranormal ability and is using it to kill.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "I don't know-- some kind of territorial or spiritual entity, maybe. Poltergeists have long been associated with violent acts like this and they tend to manifest around young people. They seem to be drawn to the turmoil of adolescence."

Scully: "Mulder. Rather than spirits...can we at least start with Tony's friends? Please? Just... for me!"

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Writer: David Amann
Director: Robert Lieberman

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Rodney Scott Tony Reed
Scott Cooper Max Harden
Nicki Aycox Chastity Raines
Ann Dowd Mrs Reed
Tom Bower Sheriff Harden
David Wells Mr Babbitt
Les Lannom Deputy Foster
Christopher Wynne Deputy
Rachel Winfree Nurse
Bill Dow Chuck Burks

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