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When two crew members aboard the freighter T'ien Kou en route from Hong Kong are attacked by an animal and found dead inside a shipping crate, the case is brought to the attention of Agent Mulder by an online friend. Mulder shows Scully the crime scene photographs, which indicate that the men died of dog bites wounds but does not explain how their bodies were found inside a locked shipping crate. They visit the crime scene and talk with agent Chan of the US Fish and Wildlife Department about the case. He tells them that the shipping crate is the property of a cryptozoologist, Dr Detweiler and introduces them to him. Detweiler thinks Mulder and Scully are there to investigate the missing animal, which he claims is a Wanshang Dhole, a rare breed of Asian dog thought to be extinct for 150 years. When a second victim of a dog attack is found dead in his locked house, Mulder puts forward the theory that the dog is no ordinary dog, but one with human intelligence. The two agents go to see Karin Berquist, a canine behavioural expert, and Scully soon discovers the person who brought the case to Mulder's attention in the first place via their online acquaintance. But Karin is of little help to them only letting them know that the Wanshang Dhole is a legendary trickster dog. Agent Scully however thinks that Karin is the trickster, using the case to finally meet Mulder. As it turns out Mulder's theory about a dog with human intelligence is not far from the truth.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "Animals that aren't supposed to exist like Sasquatch and the Ogopogo and the Abominable Snowman and...."

Scully: (interrupting) "Don't mind him. He'll go on forever."

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Writer: Jeffrey Bell
Director: Peter Markle

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Yau-Gene Chan Woo
Tuan Tran Fong
Dana Lee Yee
James Michael Conner Jake Conroy
Thomas Duffy Jeffrey Cahn
Lisa Picotte Stacey Muir
Melinda Culea Karin Berquist
Mandy Levin Angie
Michael Mantell Dr James Riley
David Starwalt Feidler
Treva Tegtmeier Peggy
Adrienne Wilde Nurse
Andrew J Robinson Dr Ian Detweiler

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