The X-files

6X13 Arcadia

After a number of couples from the 'The Falls of Arcadia' community mysteriously disappear. Mulder and Scully go undercover posing as Rob and Laura Petrie, a married couple. They move in to the house formally occupied by David and Nancy Kline, one of the missing couples. And soon discover that the community has many rules, they have to be moved in by six that evening and Mulder's basketball hoop is not allowed on the driveway. Many of their neighbours turn up to help them meet the six o'clock deadline. Next morning, Mulder goes to see the president of the homeowners association, Mr Gogolak about his basketball hoop, only to be told it is not allowed. Mulder discovers that Mr Gogolak is an importer who often travels to Tibet. Mulder puts a pink flamingo on the lawn to provoke a reaction, within minutes it has been removed. He kicks the mailbox so it leans to one side and keeps an eye on it all day. But when he has to go to the bathroom, the mailbox is straightened and a note left inside warning, 'Be like the others before it gets dark'. That evening Mulder puts his basketball hoop outside but one of the neighbours rushes out and tries to stop him, as they talk a creature attacks the neighbour but Mulder manages to chase it off. It appears the creature is enforcing the community rules which leads Mulder to believe that during his business trips to Tibet Mr Gogolak has developed the ability to create a Tulpa, a Tibetian thought-form.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "What do you mean?"

Mulder: "I got a look at that thing that's been scaring everybody and I take it back. This is an X-File."

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Writer: Daniel Arkin
Director: Michael Watkins

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Abraham Benrubi Big Mike
Tom Virtue Dave Klein
Tom Gallop Win Shroeder
Juliana Donald Nancy Kline
Marnie McPhail Cami Shroeder
Tim Bagley Gordy
Peter White Gene Gogolak
Roger Morrissey Ubermenscher
Debra Christofferson Pat Verlander
Mark Matthias Mover

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