The X-files

6X11 Two Fathers

In a familiar looking train car, doctors in chemical suits operate, they make an incision in an unseen patient's stomach, green fluid seeps out but the wound heals itself. As another doctor arrives he is informed that after 25 years the work is complete. Moments later a faceless man enters the train car and sets fire to the doctors. The patient in the train car is Cassandra Spender missing for over a year. Assistant Director Skinner takes agent Spender to see his mother in hospital but she refuses to talk to anyone except Mulder. Spender reluctantly agrees but Mulder believes it is an attempt to entrap him. Mulder and Scully recognise the train car setup and burned bodies from previous X-files cases and arrange to meet Cassandra secretly. She tells them that the doctors in the train car worked with the aliens colonists who are here to wipe the human race off the planet. They move through the Universe, infecting all other life forms with the Black Oil known as "purity", which is their life force. She also tells Mulder that the woman he met, that the Cigarette Smoking Man claimed was his sister was a fake, that Samantha is with the aliens. Mulder and Scully use the X-files basement office to uncover the Cigarette Smoking Man's real identity, his links with Mulder's father Bill and a secret 25 year old project. But their unauthorised access of the X-files office is discovered and they are suspended from the FBI. Meanwhile agent Spender joins Krycek on an errand for the Cigarette Smoking Man. Part One

Noteworthy Quote

Cigarette Smoking Man: "If Mulder hadn't known of his father's history with me. He was fueled now with names and dates and ... certainties. I couldn't stop him any longer -- stop him from learning our sins, his father's and my own. The truth was out there fatally exposed. I had one last hope, one chance to preserve my legacy.

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Writer: Jeffrey Bell
Chris Carter
Frank Spotnitz
Director: Kim Manners

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner
Veronica Cartwright Cassandra Spender
Chris Owens Special Agent Spender
William B Davis Cigarette Smoking Man
Mimi Rogers Special Agent Diana Fowley
Nicholas Lea Alex Krycek
George Murdock Elder #1
Don S Williams Elder #2
Nick Tate Dr Openshaw
Peter Donat Bill Mulder
Rebecca Toolan Teena Mulder
John Moore 3rd Elder
Brian Thompson The Alien Bounty Hunter
Mimi Rodgers Special Agent Diana Fowley
Damon P Saleem Pick-Up Player
Valerie Pettiford FBI Agent

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