The X-files

6X08 How The Ghosts Stole Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and Mulder persuades Scully to forsake the cheery Christmas tradition to join him a stake out in Maryland. Upon meeting Mulder however, Scully is dismayed to discovers the object of the stake out is a reputed haunted house. Mulder informs her that in 1917 two young lovers, Maurice and Lyda weary of the war and the flu epidemic, wanting to be together forever took their own lives in a double suicide on Christmas Eve. Since then there have been three similar double suicides in the house on Christmas Eve, Mulder believes that the couple's ghosts are responsible. Scully is reluctant to squander her Christmas Eve on a ludicrous ghost hunt but follows Mulder in to the house when her car keys disappear, only to have the door lock behind her, trapping them both inside. Events take a strange turn when they uncover two decomposing bodies dressed exactly like them under the floorboards in the library. When they attempt to leave the library they find themselves back in the library, they both try a different door and find themselves separated from each other. Mulder encounters Maurice who accuses him of being a lonely man who brought Scully to the house to kill her so that they could be together forever. Scully is startled by Lyda, who warns her that Mulder has gone mad and is going to kill her as part of a murder suicide. The ghosts plan seem to have worked when Mulder and Scully shoot each other and collapse bleeding on the hallway floor.

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "Mulder, none of that really happened out there tonight, that was all in our heads, right?"

Mulder: "I-it must have been."

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Writer: Chris Carter
Director: Chris Carter

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Lily Tomlin Lydia
Edward Asner Maurice

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