The X-files

5X05 Christmas Carol

Scully joins her mother Margaret and travels to her brother Bill's house in San Diego for the Christmas holidays, soon after arriving she receives a phone call from a woman who sounds remarkably like her dead sister Melissa, the woman tells Scully, 'she needs your help'. A little perplexed by the call, Scully has the FBI trace the origin of the call. It turns out to be a local address, when Scully arrives at the Sim residence she discovers a police investigation in progress. It appears that Mrs Roberta Sim committed suicide, the police question her husband Marshall and daughter Emily, Scully feels a strange connection to the girl. Detective Kresge can not understand why the FBI is interested in a suicide, but Scully explains about the phone call. Kresge tells her that the phone has been off the hook for three hours so could not have been used to call Scully, although puzzled Scully leaves . Later that night Scully dreams of the girl and again receives a phone call asking her to go to Emily once more. Scully decides to investigate the case and performs an autopsy on Roberta Sim, which reveals a small puncture wound on her foot, hinting that there is more to this apparent suicide. Scully is struck by how alike Emily is to her sister at that age, she runs some tests that reveal that Emily may be Melissa's daughter, a more accurate DNA test will take a few days. When Marshall Sim confesses to the murder and then hangs himself in jail, it leaves only Scully to protect the girl. Part One

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "I don't believe in fate. I think we have to choose our own path!"

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Writer: Vince Gilligan
John Shiban
Frank Spotnitz
Director: Peter Markle

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner
Karri Turner Tara Scully
Sheila Larken Mrs Scully
Pat Skipper Bill Scully Jr
John Pyper-Ferguson Detective Kresge
Rob Freeman Marshall Sim
Lauren Diewold Emily Sim
Patricia Dahlquist Susan Chambliss

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