The X-files

4X22 Elegy

When Angie Pintero, the owner of a bowling alley discovers the body of an injured girl caught inside a pinspotter carriage, he rushes outside to get help only to discover a crowd gathered around the lifeless body of the same girl he saw inside. Mulder and Scully interview Angie about the incident, Mulder arrives at the conclusion that Angie encountered the dead girl's ghost. This is the latest of three such encounters resulting in three dead girls being found in as many weeks. The only clues in the latest incident are, the phrase 'She is me' scratched in to the wax surface of the bowling alley lane where Angie encountered the spirit. And an anonymous phone call to the local police about the latest victim using the same phrase. The agents trace the source of the call to the New Horizen Psychiatric Center and to a mentally disturbed patient Harold Spuller who fits Scully's profile of the killer as a compulsive person with a desire to organise. Mulder however believes that the apparitions are the key to the case. Scully goes to the wash room to deal with her nose bleed and sees the apparition of a young woman. Moments later Mulder calls her, another victim has been found, it turns out to be the woman that Scully saw in the washroom. Mulder interviews Harold and realises that he knew all of the victims from the bowling alley. Harold sees the ghost of Angie, moments later they find him dead from a heart attack. Mulder theorises that only those near death themselves are able to see the apparitions.

Noteworthy Quote

Mulder: "You can believe what you want to believe Scully. But you can't hide the truth from me, because if you do, then your working against me and yourself. I know what you're afraid of...I'm afraid of the same thing."

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Writer: John Shiban
Director: Jim Charleston

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Steven M Porter Harold Spuller
Alex Bruhanski Angelo Pintero
Sydney Lassick Chuck Forsch
Nancy Fish Nurse Innes
Daniel Kamin Detective Hudak
Lorena Gale The Attorney
Mike Puttonen Martin Alpert
Christine Willes Karen Kosseff
Ken Tremblett Uniformed Officer
Gerry Naim Sergeant Conneff

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