The X-files

3X20 Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'

Renowned writer Jose Chung, researching for his book on alien abductions, interviews Dana Scully, who relates to him the case of a teenage couple, Chrissy Giorgio and Harold Lamb, who claim to have been abducted while on a date in Klass County. The only problem is, the victims and witnesses all have different versions of the events that took place. From Chrissy first belief that she had been a victim of date rape, to the re-appearance of Harold with his tale of alien abduction. Chrissy is hypnotised and is able to confirm Harold's story. Which is also verified by an independent witness to the abduction, electrical company employee Roky Crikenson and his tales of harassment by the Men in Black, mysterious government agents who visit witnesses to alien abductions to discredit and confuse them. When an alien body is discovered by a UFO fanatic, Blaine Faulkner. Scully performs the autopsy only to discover that it is really an Airforce pilot in an alien costume. When Chrissy is hypnotised again she recants the same story but with the aliens replaced by Airforce personnel. Were Chrissy and Harold abducted or are they making it up, and if they were, by who, aliens or humans. Is it an attempt by the Airforce to cover up their intelligence operations, or a conspiracy to discredit witnesses to real abductions. Mulder and Scully find themselves lost in a web of deceit, maybe Jose Chung's book will reveal the truth, unless he too is part of the conspiracy to cover that truth.

Noteworthy Quote

Jose Chung: "Truth is as subjective as reality. That will help explain why when people talk about their UFO experiences, they always start off with 'I know how crazy this is gonna sound, but.......' "

Scully: "So, you are here to get my version of the truth."

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Writer: Darin Morgan
Director: Rob Bowman

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Charles Nelson Reilly Jose Chung
William Lucking Roky
Jason Gaffney Harold
Sarah Sawatsky Chrissy
Jesse Venture 1st Man In Black
Larry Musser Detective Manners
Alex Diakun Dr Fingers
Terry Arrowsmith Air Force Man
Andrew Turner CIA Man
Mina Mina Dr Hand
Allan Zinyk Blaine
Michael Dobson Lt Schaeffer
Jaap Broeker Yappi

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