The X-files

3X15 Piper Maru

Scully is called to see Assistant Director Skinner, he tells her that the Washington Police have official closed the investigation in to her sister Melissa's murder due to lack of new leads. But he tells Scully that he will continue to pursue the case. In the X-files basement office Mulder informs Scully that a salvage ship called the Piper Maru, has returned with all but one of it's crew members suffering from radiation poisoning. He shows her evidence that the Piper Maru was anchored in the same position that the Talapus brought back salvaged UFO debris from. Mulder and Scully examine the Piper Maru, they find a thin black oil covering the ship's diving unit and video footage of the dive shows a World War Two plane at the bottom of the sea. Scully also notices the name of a submarine Zeus Faber written on the ships chart and goes to interview it's Commander Johansen. Back in Washington, Skinner is warned not to continue the investigation into Scully's sisters death by members of the intelligence community. Mulder goes in search of the remaining Piper Maru crew member and finds him suffering from radiation poisoning, he is covered in the same black oil as the diving unit and has no memory since the dive. His wife is also missing, Mulder traces her to a salvage firm and follows the trail to Hong Kong, where he finds Krycek selling secrets from the Dat tape he took off Skinner. As Mulder prepares to bring Krycek back to the US, Skinner is gunned down. Part One

Noteworthy Quote

Scully: "Your in the basement because they are afraid of you, of your relentlessness, and because they know that they could drop you in the middle of the desert and tell you the truth is out there and you'd ask them for a shovel"

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Writer: Chris Carter
Frank Spotnitz
Director: Rob Bowman

David Duchovny Special Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Special Agent Dana Scully

Guest Cast:
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Skinner
Nicholas Lea Alex Krycek
Lenno Britos Hispanic Man
Joel Silverstone 1st Engineer
Ari Solomon Gauthier
Darcy Laurie 2nd Engineer
Robbie Maieri WWII Pilot
Paul Batten Dr Seizer
Stephen L Miller Wayne Morgan
Kimberly Unger Joan Gauthier
Robert Clothier Chris Johansen
Russell Ferrier Medic
Richard Hersley Captain Kyle Sanford
Peter Scoular Sick Crewman
Jo Bates Jeraldine Kallenchuk
Rochelle Greenwood Waitress
Morris Panych Gray-Haired Man
Tom Scholte Young Johansen
David Neale Guard
Tegan Moss Young Dana
Christine Viner Young Melissa

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